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Last Update: October 2022

This Website Is Owned And Operated By "RGA International, Inc." These Terms Of Services Govern Your Access To And Use Of This Website Including Any Content, Functionality And Services Offered On Or Through The Website, Whether As A Guest Or A Registered User.
The Information Contained On This Website And The Resources Available For Download Are For Educational And Informational Purposes Only, And Shall Not Be Understood Or Construed As, Legal Advice. While We Provide Some Supplemental And Occasional Trainings On Legal Topics, The Information Contained On This Website Is Not A Substitute For Legal Advice From A Licensed Attorney Who Is Aware Of The Facts And Circumstances Of Your Individual Situation.
We Have Done Our Best To Ensure The Information Provided On This Website And The Resources Available For Download Are Accurate And Provide Valuable Information. Regardless Of Anything To The Contrary, Nothing Available On Or Through This Website Should Be Understood As A Recommendation That You Should Not Consult With An Attorney To Address Your Particular Information. The Company Expressly Recommends That You Seek Advice From An Attorney Prior To Taking Any Actions.
Neither The Company Nor Any Of Its Attorneys Shall Be Held Liable Or Responsible For Any Errors Or Omissions On This Website Or For Any Damage You May Suffer As A Result Of Failing To Seek Competent Legal Advice From A Licensed Attorney Who Is Familiar With Your Situation.
We Are Required By The Ftc To Disclose The Typical Customer Results. Quite Honestly, The Typical Customer Does Not Make Any Money Whatsoever. In Fact, The Typical Customer Does Not Even Finish The Training Materials. Less Than 1 In 100 Ever Ask A Question Of Our Coaches, Leave Feedback, Or Otherwise Show They’re Putting In Any Focused Effort At All. 
Like Anything Worthwhile, This Program Does Require Work. The Typical Customer Puts In Very Little Work. Before You Buy, You Should Stop And Ask Yourself If You’re Typical.
Robert G. Allen, Creating Wealth Institute, And Their Parents, Affiliates, Subsidiaries, Related Entities And Their Assigns Do Not Represent An Indication Of Future Success Or Earnings. The Company Declares All Information Shared Is True And Accurate, And Any Claims Made Of Actual Earnings Or Examples Of Actual Results Can Be Verified Upon Request.
The Earnings, Revenue And Profit Results That A Customer Will Generally Achieve In Circumstances Similar To Those Depicted In The Endorsements And Testimonials On This Site Depend On Many Factors And Conditions, Including But Not Limited To, Work Ethic, Learning Ability, Use Of The Products And Services, Business Experience, Daily Practices, Business Opportunities, Business Connections, Market Conditions, Availability Of Financing, And Local Competition, To Name A Few. Because Of Impediments Due To Any One Or More Of The Foregoing And Other Factors, It Is Generally Expected That No Earnings, Revenues Or Profits Will Be Achieved With The Use Of Any Products Or Services Advertised On This Site In Circumstances Similar To Those Referenced In Any Endorsement Or Testimonial.
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