The Four Maps of Happy Successful People 

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Robert G. Allen's

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Author of 10 Minute Money-Makers

Robert Kiyosaki

"I've been a Robert Allen fan for almost two decades, but when I saw the title of this book I wasn't anticipating anything grand. I was so wrong! Four Maps is his most life-changing book by far. He tackles the inner game, the most important game, in a truly innovative way"


Jeanna Gabellini

Bestselling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

"I have tremendous respect for Robert Allen's ability to teach people how to make a lot of money"

Robert G. Allen's first book, the colossal #1 New York Times bestseller, Nothing Down: How to Buy Real Estate with Little or No Money Down, is the largest selling real estate investment book in history, and established "Bob" as one of the most influential investment advisors of all time.

In his following bestsellers, Creating Wealth, The Challenge, and Multiple Streams of Income, he expanded on his highly profitable techniques and philosophy. Today there are thousands of millionaires who attribute their success to their contact with Bob.

He is a popular television and radio guest, appearing on hundreds of radio and television programs and podcasts. His books have over four million copies in print. 

It is his purpose in life to help you achieve your dreams.