Top 3 Questions About Routine and Ritual

August 25, 2017

As I coach and teach I’m always getting great questions about habit, routine, and ritual. Here are three of the most important questions I receive, almost daily, from my clients and students.


1. What’s the most important habits I can include in a ritual?


First off, let me just say—in case you are reading this and aren’t hip to the lingo—Ritual is the word I use to describe a fixed set of powerful habits that you do in a single block of time, everyday. You can call this your daily routine, or your habit stack, but I like to use the word Ritual, because I take these habits seriously.


So, what are the most important habits to include in your ritual? Think with the end in mind to answer that question. What I mean is, ask yourself how you want to feel after you’ve completed your hour or two hours of Ritual time. If you think about a human psyche, we’re just a bunch of attitudes operating at different levels of volume. The actions we take can turn up the volume on one attitude, like self-confidence, and turn down the volume on a different attitude, like doubt. As a general, super obvious, rule of thumb for life, to be successful you want to turn up the volume on good attitudes and turn way down the volume on bad attitudes.


So what actions in your life turn up the volume on your best attitudes? Look into your past and ask that question of yourself. I personally want to choose actions that make me feel, one, physically confident, two, mentally prepared, and three, spiritually open. So for me my most important ritual habits include things like working out and daily planning and prayer.


2.  What’s the best time to do your Ritual?


A lot of people do their ritual in the early morning, right when they wake up, but that’s not the only time you can do it. I’m wary of courses that say you can only do a good ritual in the morning, because I’ve known a lot of people who do their ritual late at night. I find that everyone usually has a window of time in their day when they are more motivated to take action. Not only does it fit their schedule, but they have more energy during this window, they have more willpower. What’s your window? Do your ritual in that moment.


3. Can you have more than one Ritual?


I love this question because it shows that my students are starting to think outside the box. The answer is, OF COURSE. The people I look up to like Tim Ferris, Pat Flynn, and Brendon Burchard, not only have one ritual in their day, but they chain rituals together. They have a ritual of great actions they do when they wake up, and they have another for the hour before sleep, and they have another for when they want to write, and they have another mini-ritual before every meal. The bottom line is humans really respond well to Ritual. It helps us feel powerful and in control. And when we feel that way we are far more likely to make good decisions and take positive action. Start small, with just a single ritual of great habits, but eventually you will want to build a life that chains little rituals together throughout your day. That’s how you become unstoppable.


I hope you enjoyed those questions and answers, and I hope they were helpful. If you’d like to learn more I’ve created an online course that walks you through, step-by-step, how to build or supercharge your Ritual. It’s called BestLife Launch. (LINK) In my life I’ve taught well over a million people how to live their best life, and I’ve put all my experience into this new course. Check it out!


Prosperously yours,


Bob Allen


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