Five Tips On How To Improve Your Daily Routine

August 25, 2017

As I’ve been building my BestLife Launch course my entire outlook has been focused on helping people build amazing daily habit stacks. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Here are my 5 fast tips on how to improve your daily routine, or your habit stack.


1. Don’t call it a routine! What a weak word. I call my habit stack my Ritual. If I’ve learned anything from 40 years of teaching, it’s that having a daily ritual of powerful habits is the #1 thing that sets successful people apart from those who just don’t make it. So take it seriously, and give your routine a serious word, like Ritual.


2. Do your Ritual in a stacked block of time. So what that means is that you SET ASIDE time everyday to get the important things done. And then you get them done ALL at Once. This hour or two hours of work you do gives you an enormous amount of confidence to go out and dominate your day.


3. Do your Ritual in a specific order. Look, we can only make so many decisions in a day. And the things that make up a good ritual aren’t always easy decisions to make. If you put each of the habits that make up your ritual into a fixed order then you only have to make one decision—the decision to start your ritual. That decision is like a domino, and it falls over and triggers all the other parts of your ritual. This makes it so much easier to complete your ritual, because you won’t be thinking, what do I do next?


4. Make other people aware of your Ritual. Declare what you do to them. Not only will people encourage you, but when you declare to them that you’re a person who is committed to a ritual, you will naturally feel responsible to back up your words. A commitment really isn’t a commitment until you’ve shared it with others.


5. Fill your Ritual with things that create positive attitudes in you. What does that mean? Well, I’ve found that my days are better if I go out into them feeling physically confident, mentally prepared and spiritually open. Those are the types of attitudes I want to cultivate in my life. So I make sure to fill my ritual with behaviors, like exercise and prayer and daily planning, that make me feel confident, prepared, and open. Do the same and your ritual will make a much bigger difference in your life.


Those are my fast five tips. Hope they were helpful. If you’d like to learn more just click HERE. BestLife Launch is an online course that walks you through, step-by-step, how to build or supercharge your Ritual. I’ve been hearing back from so many of you who love the course. Thanks so much for your support, and if you haven’t tried BLL yet, check it out!


Prosperously yours,


Bob Allen


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