Finding “The Power” (11/16/11)

Welcome, everyone! Welcome to Breakfast with Bob. This is one of a series of calls we’ve been doing this year in 2011. Today we’re going to be talking about this book called The Power by Rhonda Byrne. Thank you for joining with us today.

You might see on our screen here a picture of the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne who is the author of the book that took us by storm in 2006, I think it was, called The Secret. Now she’s taken and filled this book The Power up with lots of more powerful information about how you succeed in life. It’s a small, little book although it’s got 250 pages in it. There’s a lot of powerful thoughts in this book. Have you read it in preparation for our conversation today? I’ve got to tell you the truth. I’ve read a lot of it, probably half of it, but it’s got so many great thoughts in it it’s hard to go too much further. I’m reading through and underlining things and pondering things and getting stuck on certain thoughts that are being given in this book that it’s just hard to get through. There’s just too much in it, too many great thoughts. Of course, I’m a quote guy, so there are quotes on almost every page from great leaders throughout the world. So she sprinkled a lot of great information in one little powerful book. We discussed this last week, which was our first week of discussion on The Power. Remember what the power is? The power is love. That is the power of attraction. We talked about the law of attraction. She says, “The power that makes the law of attraction work is the power of love.” Here’s what we’re going to be discussing about this power of love. Once again, since the way she sees the world is through this filter of the law of attraction, I’m going to be re-reading you from page 13, and we’re going to go for a couple of pages because I want you to really simmer. Really just ponder what I’m going to read here and think how it applies to your life.

“If the law of attraction is the law of love, they are one and the same.” says Charles Haanel. The law of attraction or the law of love—they are one and the same. In universal terms, the law of attraction says, ‘Like attracts like.’ What that means in simple terms for your life is what you give out you receive back. Whatever you give out in life is what you receive back in life. Whatever you give, by the law of attraction, is exactly what you attract back to yourself. Every action of giving creates an opposite reaction of receiving and what you receive is always equal to what you’ve given. Whatever you give out in life, must return to you. It is the physics and the mathematics of the universe. Give positivity, you receive back positivity; give negativity, you receive back negativity. Give positivity and you receive back a life full of positive things. Give negativity and you will receive back a life filled with negative things. In any moment, you’re giving either positive thoughts or negative thoughts. You’re giving either positive feelings or negative feelings. And whether they’re positive or negative will determine what you receive back in your life. All the people, circumstances, and events that make up every moment of your life are being attracted back to you through the thoughts and feelings you’re giving out. Life doesn’t just happen to you; you receive everything in your life based upon what you’ve given.”

As Christ said in Luke 6:38, she quotes, “Give, and it will be given to you … For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.” Some of these lessons are lessons that takes a lifetime to learn them. Obviously the lesson on giving, it took me a lifetime to figure that one out. I usually think of giving as my giving of my financial resources to people who are less fortunate. I think of giving by giving attention to somebody who needs it. Someone that I met at a meeting recently needed to be given attention and love and positivity. I knew they needed to be given that so I invested some really intense time with one person individually and it felt so good. Rather than speaking on a stage, at this room there were probably three or four hundred people, and I got a chance to spend really intense time. Instead of me speaking for 30 minutes to everybody and sprinkling a few thoughts over an entire audience, I focused in on one person at that session. I gave them what I felt like giving, and I gave it a lot. It felt great. It felt great. So sometimes I’m thinking that I’m giving my time and I’m giving my money and my resources to my church and other causes that are important to me. That’s who I think of giving. But I never really thought (Maybe I had a big aha about this) that I’m giving by the way I’m thinking. If I give positivity, then I receive back positivity. If I think what [0:14:09.8 audio distorted] and wherever I put my attention is what I get back. This process of giving has been broadened out for me by the way in which she describes it in this book. Whatever you give out in life is what you receive back in life. I’m not just talking about the physical things or the time you give, but it’s the way you think. If I focus and give my attention to the positive things in my life, I’m going to get more of those back. If I give my attention to the negative things in my life, I’m going to get those negative things back. What you give you receive is the way she continues.

“Give help and support a friend when he’s moving house, and most surely that help and support will return to you with lightning speed. Give anger to a family member who let you down, and that anger will also return to you, clothed in the circumstances of your life. You are creating your life with your thoughts and your feelings. Whatever you think and feel creates everything that happens to you and everything you experience in your life.”

Sometimes when things bad happen to you and you say to yourself, “How can that possibly be something that I’ve attracted into my life?” To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure. Frankly, when bad things happen to you, we can give the responsibility back to ourselves because we’ve attracted that into our life, I personally don’t believe that’s 100 percent true. I think when we were put into this life and things happened to us, sometimes we’ll say that things happened to us just because that’s the way life is. We’re put into a dangerous situation here on this planet. We’re born into it as tiny little babies, and some of those things that happened is because that’s the way life is. It’s a dangerous game. If you’re on the football field and you’re playing the game and you get hit, that’s just the way it is. If you attract that person who hit you, well frankly, perhaps the way to think about it is that we chose this life. We chose to be here on this playing field. We knew we were coming here. This, of course, is my own personal belief—that we lived before we came here in existence. I don’t believe in reincarnation. That’s someone else’s belief. That’s not mine. But I do believe that we existed, each of us, as our own individual selves. We were us before we came here. We weren’t a tree or a wave of the ocean. You were you, and I was me, maybe with a different name. But as an intense personality, yep, we knew we were coming to this planet. We knew what it was going to be like. We knew it would be dangerous. We knew that it would also be the opportunity of our existence, the opportunity of eternity. I’m not saying the opportunity of our lifetime, the opportunity of our eternal lifetime to come to this Earth and to play this game that we’re playing right now. Therefore, in a partial sense, the things that happened to us, if we didn’t attract them per se by the way we think, at the very least, we attracted this life to us for us to experience it in all of its dangers, in all of its pleasures, in all of its joys, in all of its spectacularities. We knew that this was the place that we were going to learn not the theory of love but the reality of love because we had to play this game in a place where there were opposite forces. What hate really is is the lack of love. It is the intense abysmal lack of love. We get to experience both of those forces—the black hole of negativity and the bright, shining sun of positivity. We get to choose between those two in every single moment, every single thought gives us the chance to say I want this and I don’t want that. Unfortunately, most of our time we go through our life we have a balance of both. We choose things that we don’t want by not wanting them and by intensely feeling that we don’t want them, therefore we attract them. We get a chance to sometimes focus on the positive and sometimes focus on the negative. We have this balancing act constantly going on. We get to choose. The more we choose love, the more love we get, the more experiences we get of love, the more we get to become love. Some people focus on the opposite way. I was watching A Good Wife, a television show, last night with my wife. We TIVO’d it. It started off with a guy in prison. He seemed to be a nice guy. Very nice-looking fellow. He was in prison for having murdered somebody. He was getting ready to go to have the death penalty, and he’s getting ready to be snuffed out because of what he’d done. It seemed like he was a pretty good guy. The bottom line is at the end of the show, his priest said he knew him. He said he just was a bad soul. He’s taking pleasure in other people’s pain. Throughout the entire hour-long show of The Good Wife, we see him taking pleasure in other people’s pain. It’s just what he’d chosen. He was a black hole of negativity. Even the last act of his life was to do something really, really dastardly to really magnify and multiply the pain of the people who loved him. He responded to them by doing something really, really nasty. That’s the last experience he’s going to have on this Earth. He’s going to move into a place in the next life where he’ll get to experience more of that, at least in my personal belief. But the bottom line is we in this lifetime, because we’ve chosen to be here, at least in my opinion, we get to choose. Whatever to us, we get to choose what it means. We can choose to love it or whatever happens, or not to love it but actually to learn from it and say, “What do I need to learn from this?” When you’ve learned from it, and you’ll learn how to love it, you’ll say, “Oh, yes! That car accident, I surely wouldn’t choose it but it happened and it changed my life because I learned from it.” The power is the power to love no matter what happens. When you’re positive about it, good things seem to come because you are constantly learning from whatever happens. Back to her book on page 15:

“If you think and feel, ‘Life is really good to me,’ you will attract back to you all people, circumstances, and events that will make life really good for you. You are a magnet. The law of attraction is unfailingly giving you every single thing in your life based on what you’re giving out. You magnetize and receive the circumstances of wealth, health, relationships, your job, and every single event and experience in your life, based upon the thoughts and feelings you’re giving out.”

Once again, I’m not sure I 100 percent believe that. But I 100 percent believe that we chose to be in this life to experience whatever happens to us, and therefore in a sense, if we knew we were coming to this life, we were ready for it, ready to play in it, ready to love in it, then therefore in a sense, it’s the life we’ve chosen.

“Give out positive thoughts and feelings about money, and you magnetize positive circumstances, people, and events that bring more money to you. Give out negative thoughts and feelings about money, and you magnetize negative circumstances, people, and events that cause you to have a lack of money. As surely as you think and feel, the law of attraction is responding to you.”

So whatever you give, you get back. It’s a thought that whether it’s really the true law of the universe, whether that’s the way it really, really, really works, I can’t tell you if that’s really, really true. But as Bandler, one of the creators of Neuro-Linguistic Programming said (NLP), he said, “I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s useful to think that way.” It’s a good way to think about things. I don’t know if it’s true, but what if you did think that way? What would it do for you? Would it work? More than likely, it would be helpful. It would probably be useful. If in the end of things, if we get a chance to review our life a hundred years from now, when all of us get a chance to kind of see what this life is really all about, we’ll probably find that if a person thought that way, they probably were having a more useful life. Whether it’s true or not, we’ll get to determine what truth is. There’s truth and there’s their beliefs. In the word “belief” is the word “lie.” There are a lot of beliefs that are lies. They won’t take you back to the source of love. They’d take you away from it. They’re anti-choice. Every thought you think either takes you closer to Heavenly Father, God, whatever you say, it either takes you closer to God or further away from God.  Every thought you think and every action you take either takes you closer or further away. Every day we get up in the morning and every thought we think and every step we take takes us closer or further away. More than likely, this is what a day is like. We get up in the morning and we take three steps closer, two steps further away. A step closer, two steps further away. Four steps closer, seven steps further away. Whatever thought you think had an immediate and instant result whether it’s going to take you closer or further away. Every thought you think either closer or further away. It’s really simple. It boils down to one simple process.

That thought I thought, “Did that take me closer or further away?” Stub your toe. You yell out a curse word. You go, “Blankety blank blank blank.” Did that take you closer or further away? Let’s see. More than likely, it took you further away. The pain you felt, did that take you closer or further away? It depended how you reacted to that pain. Because if you reacted to that pain having chosen to be on this life and have chosen a life of pain and suffering, we did, we chose it that’s why we’re here. We can learn from pain and suffering. We either learn to love it. We’re going to say, “Life is great. Life is spectacular. I’m learning so much. There’s so much pain to learn from. Thank you very much.” That takes us closer or further away. You say, “Thank you. Thank you, God. I’m so appreciative that I have this breath that I just took. Even though I just stubbed my toe and it hurts, but I have a body. How many people wish they had a body right now? I’ve got a body. It’s my life and my body and my time. In this time, I get to experience joy and I get to experience suffering. Thank you. I appreciate life because that’s what life is. That’s what it does. Thank you.” Wow. Did that take you closer or did that take you further away? More than likely that took you closer.

You’re with somebody and they treat you badly. They reject you. They’re having a bad day, and you were just in the middle. You were in the way. They treated you badly. How did you respond to that? Do you respond back with anger and offense? “I’m offended that you talked to me that way.” Whatever you give out you get back. Don’t want to give that out. They treated you badly. You have to treat them with love. “Oh my gosh. I can’t do that. That’s hard!” Well, does it take you closer or further away? Those of you from the Christian persuasion have the example of Christ who was rejected in the most ultimate way. Even in that ultimate rejection said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” If you’re from a Christian persuasion, one day they’ll find out what they did. They will be part of the story of the greatest suffering. The bottom line is whatever happens, you have to respond. You have to give back what it is you want back. The bottom line is every day you move closer or you move further away. What you want to do on balance is you try to tip the scales in your favor. Say three quarters of the time you’re giving out good thoughts, and only a quarter of the time you’re giving out negative thoughts, negative feelings. Eventually, you work at it. It might take you an entire lifetime to finally get to the point where you’re at 90 percent. You’re taking 90 percent moves towards loves and only 10 percent of your life is away from love. You can never be perfect. You can never have a perfectly lovingly incredibly wonderful day where every thought was positive and every feeling was wonderful. I guess maybe there are some people who do that. I haven’t figured that one out yet myself. Ultimately, we finally learn hopefully that we’re taking more steps towards, and therefore Heavenly Father said, “Are there somebody I can trust?” Because on balance, on the whole, they’re just moving towards me. they want to move towards me. Every act they make is a move towards me. Every thought they make and they think is a move towards me. Every feeling they have is a move towards me. Our Higher Power says, “There’s a son or a daughter that is ready for the next stage. Come on in. Let me show you some real power. What the power of love really can do.” And yet, there are some people who say, “No, I don’t want that. I don’t want to learn the secrets. I don’t want to learn anymore about that.” “I’m attracted to things I don’t like, things I hate. I like to criticize. It’s fun to criticize. I like to complain. It’s fun to complain,” some people say. “I like to gossip. It’s fun to gossip. I love to run people down. I love to think less of them. I like to laugh about how stupid they are. I like to notice the bad things.” That’s the things they like. Did that take them closer or further away? On balance in your life, when your life is all taken, every thought of your life, every feeling you’ve ever had, every act you ever took gets to be evaluated with the one simple tiny, little measure: did it move you closer or did it move you further away?

You get up in the morning you say, “Oh, I want to move closer.” You start to love the thought that you’re moving closer to love, to the ultimate source of love. You begin to avoid the thought of the things that move you away. You can’t hate those things because once again, if you hate them with intensity, then you kind of attract them into your life. Once again, I’m not sure whether I totally believe that either because there are some things I don’t like about the way the world doesn’t work. I’m still working with that one. The bottom line is if you focus more on moving towards love and stop thinking about the things that take you away from it, life gets better. Life gets more loving. No matter what happens, whatever happens, you just thank. Thank you for this life. What a wonderful life. There’s just so much we can talk about. Time goes so quickly.

“People have great lives,” she says on page 18, “think and talk about what they love more than what they don’t love! And people who are struggling think and talk about what they don’t love more than what they do love.”

 Says Sophocles, “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.”

“Every time you talk about what you don’t love, you are adding another bar to the cage and you are locking yourself away from all the good.”

“You have to feel love to harness its power!”

This book has a lot of good stuff in it. We just don’t have a whole lot of time to really discuss it, and it’s frustrating. But hey, if I’m frustrated, am I moving closer or am I moving further away? I want to move closer. Just scanning through this simple book. She says that the world is invisible, that what we think the world is is really not what it is, that the real world… I’ll finish our conversation today with this thought from page 107.

“I want to take you behind the scenes of the world you see, because much of what you see is not as real as you may think it is. A few adventurous steps into the invisible will change the way you look at the world, and it will set you free to receive an unlimited life. Most of the things you may currently believe about the real world are not true. You are much more than you may realize. Life and the universe are much more than you may realize. You may think there is a limited amount of things in the world. You may think there’s a limited amount of money, health, and resources, but it isn’t true. There is no lack of anything. Quantum physics tell us there are infinite planet Earths and infinite universes that exist, and we move from one reality of planet Earth and a universe to another, every fraction of a second. This is the real world emerging through science. You may think there’s a shortage of time in the real world, and because of that you may live your life rushing against time, but the great scientist Albert Einstein told us that time is itself an illusion.”

And then there’s a quote from Albert Einstein:

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

I’ll read that one more time because that’s good stuff. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Nobel Prize winning physicist says, “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

“You may think that the real world is made up of living things and dead things. But in the universe everything is alive and nothing is dead. The stars, sun, planets, earth, air, water, fire, and every object you see is seething with life. This is the real world that is emerging. You may believe the real world is everything you can see, and that everything you can’t see isn’t real. And yet the color you see when you look at something is in fact not its real color. Each thing absorbs all the colors that it really is, and reflects the color it is not, and that’s the color you see. So the sky is actually every color but blue!”

Did you know that?

“There are many sounds you can’t hear because their frequencies are beyond what you can hear, but they are real. You can’t see ultraviolet or infrared light, because their frequencies are beyond what your eye can see, but they are real. If you imagine all the known frequencies of light as the size of Mount Everest, then all that you can see is smaller than a golf ball!”

Isn’t that a profound quote? We live by only seeing what’s the size of a golf ball when everything we don’t see is a size of Mt. Everest. Everything that’s occurring all around us is the size of Mt. Everest. Every smell, taste, touch, feeling, seeing, experiencing that we’re just limitingly experiencing right now if we had the veil taken off our minds and our eyes. Our brain has been throttled down, has been governored like you put a governor on a motor. It can only go so fast. But when we’re free of this life and our bodies and get to re-experience life in a new way, we’re going to see what we didn’t see. We’re going to experience what we weren’t able to experience in this life. We’re going to see that we were just limited, and we had only a few choices to make in our life. And the choice was really simple. Does this move me towards God or away from God? Does this thought, feeling, or action make me more like God or less like God? Make me more loving or less loving? Make me more like my true nature or less like my true nature? More of truth or more of a lie? Closer or further away? Back to page 109:

“You may believe the real world is made up of all the solid things you can see and touch. But actually nothing is solid! The chair you’re sitting on right now is a force of moving energy, and it’s mostly space. So how real is your chair? You may believe that your imagination is just thoughts and dreams and has no power in the real world. And yet one of the hurdles for scientists in proving things to be true or not is removing the scientist’s beliefs from scientific experiments, because what the scientist believes or imagines will be the outcome of an experiment affects the outcome of the experiment. Your beliefs, true or untrue, form your world.”

Then said Abraham Lincoln, here’s a great quote too:

“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”


“The real story is that you are an unlimited being. The real story is that the world and the universe are unlimited. There are worlds and possibilities that you cannot see, but all of them exist. You have to start telling yourself a different story! You have to start telling the story of your amazing life, because whatever story you tell, good or bad, the law of attraction must make sure you receive it, and it will be the story of your life.”

Wow. It’s quite a book frankly. Is it true? Well, on balance, I think, there’s a lot of truth in this book. Is it really, really, really true? Well, like Bandler said, “I don’t know if it’s all true.” It seems like lots of it feels true to me although there are some things that don’t feel true. They feel like beliefs and I’m not quite sure, but I think it’s useful. It’s useful. The Power by Rhonda Byrne. What a thought that you can attract to you whatever you want through the power of love.

My friends, we’re going to end today’s conversation about The Power. I’m going to ask Angii while I’m flying back from Tokyo, while we’re having this conversation… While the Breakfast with Bob call will be playing next week, I will be flying from Tokyo back to Los Angeles. By the time I land at 10:30 in the morning, while you’re listening to this call, I’ll probably be over Hawaii on my way back to Los Angeles. I’m going to end our call for today. You’re more than welcome to slip off the call if you like. I’m going to continue as if today is the 23rd of November. So shake it off. Maybe you stand up if you’re going to continue. If you’re not, then I wish you well. I love you. I love you. Have a wonderful day. Make it a wonderful day. Make it a great day. Move closer, not further away, with every thought, feeling, and action of your day. Ooh! I got to write that down. Somebody write that down for me. E-mail it to me: Sometimes I say things I even like. Move closer, not further away, with every thought, feeling, and action of today. That’s my quote for the day. Have a wonderful day. See ya!