September 22, 2010 Heart Centered Messages

Welcome everyone! Come on in. We’re in the fall season and then we’ll be into winter time when we get into December, and then spring… and spring is coming, and then summer, and then fall, and then winter. Oh! There are so many seasons, aren’t there, to our lives? Every season we need certain kinds of preparations for that season, and we need certain messages and certain directions and certain activities. Right?

I’m going to turn the time over to you today to tell me, during this season of your life and at this moment in your year, what it is that you need to hear as a message. What would somebody need to tell you—someone you respect and admire, somebody who has a lot of wisdom? It could be a parent. It could be a leader. It could be your Heavenly Father. It could be anyone who had the opportunity to say something to you that would be really important and helpful to you at this season of your life.

Have you ever received a message from somebody just at the right time, in the right place, a message that was delivered in such a way that you got it? It went through the beliefs that we put up sometimes in our minds to shield ourselves from whatever, and the message went right through your head and right straight to your heart. Have you ever had a message like that that somebody gave to you?

It went right through your head which is the place where you carry all your beliefs, most of which are not true about you and about your future. Most of this chatter we have going on in our heads, this head stuff, is a distraction most of the time, but the heart part of it, that’s the true message that you need to receive.

I am going to ask you to take a moment of pondering and to literally decide or determine, to discern what it is that you would need to hear from a person you respected and admired. What could they say to you that would go right straight through your head to your heart? What would be a message that would be very helpful to you, that would help you at this season of your life and during this year in all the various opportunities and challenges that surround you? As we said on a previous Breakfast with Bob call, everywhere you look there are these one inch advances that you can take, and eventually one of these days, the one inch that you dig in your mine of life eventually strikes into a vein of gold. It just means that we have to continually dig that single inch every single day.

What kind of information do you need at this time that’s valuable and helpful to you? I want you to imagine that you are that wise person or entity or friend, advisor or coach. I want you to actually step outside of yourself for a moment because you are all heavy with the things you feel responsible for doing. That responsibility is always very heavy because we are always in our own bodies carrying that burden, and pursuing those opportunities. But now I want you to step outside yourself as if you had the ability to see yourself going through the motions of life and the pursuing of the opportunities that you’re pursuing at this point. Then I want you to find somebody that you could imagine would be a perfect advisor for you, remembering that sometimes these messages of direction and hope and information come from the strangest of sources. Sometimes it can be just an ordinary person. They don’t have to be great or wise, smart, intelligent or brilliant. Sometimes these messages can be delivered by ordinary people who just happen to say the right thing at the right time.

I want you to imagine someone who could be a messenger to you, delivering a message to you at the right time in this season of your life right now. Now I want you to actually imagine yourself being that person and having the unique opportunity to view you going through the various different activities of your day and having that person receive an insight about you. Where does that insight come from? Does it come from their own wisdom or the experiences that they have had? Did you ever learn something from experience? Did you ever learn something from hard experience that caused you to say, “Oh! Never going to do that again!” or “Yes! Next time that thing happens I’m going to do it this way!”

Imagine someone who is going through that same experience you have gone through but they haven’t had the experience that you have had. They come to you for advice and you say, “Oh, well, this is what you need to do.” And the reason you’re able to give that advice is because you’ve earned that wisdom, probably from some pain that you’ve experienced and you’ve got wisdom. You just say, “This is what you need to do.”

So the insight can come from your own experience. It can come from your study and the things that you’ve read about other peoples’ experience. It can come from books that you read, classes that you’ve attended, and information that you’ve gathered in all kinds of different ways. Your insight can come from that. The insight can come from an inspired source, from some time when you feel like you’re a channel of really good, important, inspired information. It almost as if…

Have you ever spoken to someone and given them advice, and it’s almost as if the words you were speaking were not yours? They didn’t come from any experience that you might have had or any knowledge that you’d learned or any information that you had read in a book, but it was almost as if it was a pure message just coming right through you. Has that ever happened to you?

Now this person who’s going to give you that message of hope and inspiration or whatever you need at this season in your life, that trusted advisor could even be a haphazard advisor, a person who just comes on the scene momentarily and gives you a piece of information or hope or advice, direction, commitment or direction or decision.

They just come into your life for a few moments, mentor you on that one thing you need at that particular season in your life, and then they’re gone. They’re off to their own paths. But just for a moment they pass through in this little dance of synchro-destiny, where their destiny and your destiny synchronize and just for a moment, like ships passing in the night, as the poet says, you share a glance or a thought or a word, and both of you go off in your different directions enhanced and blessed.

I want you to imagine this mentor, maybe this momentary mentor, coming into your life today and giving you a message for today, for this season in your life. I want you to actually imagine being that momentary mentor passing through the scene of the play of your life and delivering that line or two, that message. What would that person say to you today?

Imagine you being that other person. I want you to imagine what that other person is seeing when they look at you. Imagine them noticing you over there. There you are going through this season of your life and in a moment they are able to take it all in. They can see the challenges that you’re happily attacking and they just get this sense of this insight. It just comes into their mind and into their heart and they just need to say something to you. They find themselves compelled to say something to you. They’re not even sure why. Have you ever done that with somebody when you were going through your day, you bumped into somebody and you just felt you needed to say something? Maybe it’s to a clerk at the checkout stand.

Only this last week I bought a new phone. I went back to the iphone on Friday night. Here was a sharp young man, 32 I think. He served me so well. He answered every question. There was no expectation of him trying to sell me and add a bunch of stuff. He just was extraordinary. He was just amazing and I just had to tell him. I was compelled to as his advisor, his mentor. I was just a customer but I said to him, “You have got a great future ahead of you! You do. You have people skills and a great desire to serve. Young man, you have a wonderful future!”

He said, “I didn’t go to college because I was making good money here selling phones, and I was making much more money than my friends who went to college. They were broke, and I was driving nice cars and having a good time. They were investing 4 years of their lives and I was just having the time of my life, but now they’re making twice as much money as I am. So I’m going back to college and I’m going do it.” “Well,” I said, “You’ve got the greatest skills. You’ve have a huge fortune in that. You should have some entrepreneurial things in your future, some businesses. “Oh yes,” he says, “I’m going to start my own business.” I said, “You need to do that.” It was just as if I had to talk to him. I had to take him by the shoulders and make him feel that he really had a huge, incredible, great future in front of him.

Have you ever met somebody like that where you just felt like you needed to say something? Well this advisor, this momentary mentor that’s going to pass through your life today, is someone that you’re going to imagine giving a message to you, as they’re seeing you through their eyes. How would they see you?

That’s why I want you to actually distance yourself from your own pressing obligations, to be outside of all of that and be in the imagined mindset of a person passing through your scene, seeing you there and having the insight to give you a message like I did to that man the other night.

What would that person feel impressed to convey to you? In a sense, I want you to imagine your own situation as if you were watching that situation from a distance. Say to yourself, “There they are. They are going through their season of their life and they are pursuing their opportunities, sometimes with great hope and anticipation and fun and excitement; but also at the same time, they have to maintain their various responsibilities in life, their parenthood for some, their relationships, their health and all that other stuff for others. Yet they’ve got to drive towards what it is they really want to accomplish this year and 1-1-11, that’s the 1st of January 2011, is approaching.

I’m going to give you another minute. This time I want you to actually take out a pen and a piece of paper. For a few moments, I want you to get that pen and that paper and write down those thoughts about the message that this momentary mentor in your life is going to give you. I want you to write as if you were that mentor—not yourself—to write as if you are observing yourself through the eyes of a wise mentor. I’m going to give you a couple of minutes of silence. I want you to ponder it and then I want you to write it, and then I’m going to have some of you share.

In the meantime, as you’re getting ready to do it, just take a deep breath. I want you to clear your mind of any distractions and any worries or challenges. Just let all that go and be in the mind of somebody else, without your critical voice chattering at you. Just be in somebody else’s mind, in the mind of a wise one, or a momentary mentor, and be in that pure moment when you are receiving an insight directly for you.

We’ll start our time to think about it here. I’ll give you a good solid minute and then come back. Just think for one minute. Just ponder it. The minute starts right now. What would you see? What would you think? What would you be impressed to say? The time starts now…

Welcome back. So you had some thoughts. What did you think over the last 60 seconds? How did you think of it? Sixty seconds can go by pretty quickly or it can be long. Some of you would have had things that popped right into your head that you wanted to think about and others of you were thinking, “Well, what should I say? What would I need to think?” Every one of you had a different way of thinking during that 60 seconds. The way I tried to set you up was to see yourself from a different perspective, from somebody watching you and observing your daily activities.

Now what I’m going to do is give you a minute to just write whatever comes out. Whether you thought it or not, I want you to just write a message. Just let the pen move with the words that come out. Don’t try to write it perfectly. It doesn’t matter about the grammar. Write as fast as you can if you feel inspired to. Remember, these are not your fingers holding that pen. These are the fingers of some momentary mentor who has been given the assignment to write you a message at this season in your life. So let these be that mentor’s fingers, not yours, as you write. Let those thoughts coming to you be as if this mentor was mentoring you in a message for you to read later, and maybe make sense of later. Nobody’s going to see these words but you. Nobody has to see them.

Now I’m a writer and so when I write I always have to edit it, saying to myself, “Now that’s not the right word. Let’s see. That didn’t work out well.” Eventually, writing a paragraph takes me a page as I edit so many words back out again. I don’t want you to do that now. I just want you to just let it pour out, not worrying about editing or thinking about whether it sounds right or good.

Just write what you would think that mentor might say. It might even be unintelligible to you at this point, but eventually you get a chance to ponder it and ask yourself, “I wonder what they really meant when they wrote those words to me?” Get into the mindset of that wise coach, guide, mentor, advisor, friend or stranger, and imagine the hand that’s holding the pen that’s going to write these words in just a moment being somebody else’s fingers. Imagine being somebody else noticing you, over there, in your life, and all the things that are going on in your life, the relationships you have, the income opportunities, and the jobs and the things of your life and yet they are going to write you a message.

Get ready. Imagine yourself being that wise person, that person who has this insight about you and just clear your mind. Sit like you would sit or stand if this is how you are listening. Think about how you are going to write this message. I want you to prepare yourself and to be in the right frame, the physical frame of mind and body, the physical frame of body that would be able to deliver this message. You’ll be in a frame of body, frame of mind, and frame of heart—body, mind, soul—so that you could give a message to that person called you over there.

Take a deep breath of wisdom, as if you’re sitting in a spot or being in a place where you can connect yourself to the wisdom of the centuries, to all the wisest mentors that ever had an opportunity to mentor somebody. Be in a mentoring frame of mind, a mentoring frame of heart and of spirit. Imagine yourself being tapped into the wisdom of the eternities and take a deep breath of that. In a moment I’ll start the time and I’d like you to just be that person and write those words, to be that messenger to you. Okay. Ready? You are the mentor now. Get ready. Take a moment of peaceful breath and write…

Hello…how has your writing gone? How was your messenging? What was your experience doing that? What did you learn from doing that? Why don’t you look back over the words that you wrote? As in every group, there’ll be some who wrote a lot and there’ll be some who wrote none. As you ponder the reason for that, I’d like you to just clean up your message right now, and I’m going to give you a minute to do that. Edit it a little bit. Simplify the words if you need to and make the message a little more succinct. I’ll give you another minute to do that. Edit that message so that it is even more pure and slough off a few off a few of the extraneous spots, like the way Michelangelo carved that piece of granite into a beautiful David. Look at your words here as if they are a block of granite, and carve out a few of the words to make it a little more succinct. I’ll give you another minute to do that and the minute starts right now …

Now, as you look at your more succinct message, count up how many words that you are summarizing in this last little piece of our exercise. Count how many words are in this message that you’re going to deliver. Count up how many words you wrote.

Now here’s what we’re going to do for the rest of our call. I’m going to ask you to come and share your words, your mentoring words, and to read it to the rest of us here on the call. As the rest of you listen to what this person is advising—themselves, in a sense, through the eyes of somebody else—I want you to listen as if that message might also apply to you. So when you’re delivering your message in a moment to everybody else on the call, imagine that you’re giving that message not only to yourself, but that it might apply to somebody else. You’re also speaking that message to maybe 1 or 2 others who might really need to hear what you needed to hear today.

Now we’ll just allow you to come online and share those thoughts with us and then your own experience of how that was for you. But first of all, rather than commenting about it frankly, all I want you to do is just read your sentence, or paragraph, or whatever you wrote. Just read it with feeling and wisdom as if you are speaking not only to yourself but maybe to a handful of others that might need to hear it. So I’m going to turn the time over to you. Anybody who’d like to share the message that you wrote down, you’re welcome to come on line, push star 6, and just share it with us.

Mark: Hi Bob. It’s Mark from New Jersey. I’ve been watching you and I’m just amazed at your focus. I see you ponder something and then I see you arriving at the conclusion. I see your mind working. I saw you. I saw your mood change and your inspiration rise in your body. I watched as your consciousness elevated, like you were having an out of body experience, as you obviously conquered your mountain. It was truly inspiring to watch! I’m here to tell you something. You are here. You’ve arrived. Now seize the day! Put that thought, put all of those thoughts into focus. Don’t let anything stop you. We all need what you have to offer. Bless us, please.”

Bob: Thank you, Mark. Clive?

Clive: What I have written down is, “Meditate. Meditate to receive guidance from the higher power so that you can serve the world in the best way possible and do on earth what you’ve been sent here to do. Be like a rock on the promontory, standing steadfast against the waves that crash against you and then move away.”

Bob: Thank you Clive.

Virginia: Hi Bob. It’s Virginia.

Bob: Virginia. Oh. Hi Virginia.

Virginia: How are you?

Bob: Awesome.

Virginia: Okay. Here’s mine. “You’ve come a long way. You’re on a roll and you can do this now.”

Bob: You have come a long way Virginia and you’re on a roll, and you can do this.

Virginia: I know.

Jay: Hi Bob. This is Jay.

Bob: Hi Jay.

Jay: Mine goes like this. “I realize that real happiness and fulfillment come from the happiness and fulfillment that you bring to other people. You are really well positioned to be successful. You enjoy helping people and working in teams. Take action to make a difference. Take action to own your life. Take action to help others own their lives.”

Bob: Thank you Jay.

Darren: Hi Bob. This Darren.

Bob: Darren?

Darren: Yes. Are you ready?

Bob: Yes.

Darren: I love you. You matter. You are here for such a time as this. Thank you for being real. You are on the right path to become an enlightened millionaire. Continue to stay on your path and you will have unshakable confidence. With unshakable confidence, everything is possible.

Bob: Thank you Darren.

Suzanne: Good morning Bob. This is Suzanne. Mine is, “God gave you a gift. You opened it and are not sharing with importance of value to others. You pray, God answers, and you need to take action.”

Bob: Thank you. Excellent.

Suzanne: Thank you.

Leslie: Hi Bob. This is Leslie in Nevada.

Bob: Leslie. Let it rip.

Leslie: You are a wondrous being of light, a magnificent child of God. You are capable, wonderful and worthy of all you desire. You are being divinely guided. You desire to take right action and you do take right action, being an instrument of God’s peace, the peace of source. Know you are very, very near your goal. Know you are in harmony with all you desire. Know you are a success.

Bob: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Leslie: You’re welcome.

Daniel: Hi Bob. This is Daniel in California.

Bob: Daniel. Go ahead.

Daniel: Live only 8 words. Live in the world of God not myself.

Bob: Thank you Daniel.

Ivy: Hi Bob.

Bob: Good morning.

Ivy: This is Ivy.

Bob: Hi.

Ivy: Hi. “Ivy. You have it all. The time is now. Everything has led you to this point. You need to believe, slow down, pause, focus to find what you want, relax, allow and create space.”

Bob: Very nice. Thank you.

Kate: Good morning Bob. This is Kate in Denver.

Bob: Good morning Kate.

Kate: Hi sweetie! How beautiful and magnificent you are. I see some struggles and fears causing you to live less than. Let’s look at these and see them for what they really are. There is nothing you can’t overcome and the struggles are a gift. So let’s look at the amazing greatness you are meant to be, that you are right now. The work in front of you will be easy and flow because you’ll be living your destiny and passion, leaving the old patterns behind, recognizing they served you to learn and now are points of reference to strengthen you and bring wisdom for you and others. You are meant to lead and will attract amazing new friends and associates to share your new path. So lift others and realize your talents and give on an entirely new level, an eternal level that will expand for ever. It’s time, little one. Now is when your world opens up and frees your spirit. I’ll be close, watching and loving, and ready to guide. I’m excited to see you fly.

Bob: You wrote that in a minute or 2?

Kate: That’s been in me for years. You’re part of my momentary mentor, Bob.

Bob: Now that message sounded like a very spiritual message.

Kate: It is.

Bob: And all of the messages really have had a sense of that. Thank you very much for sharing that. Someone else share your message.

Heidi: This is Heidi, Bob.

Bob: Yes. Hi Heidi.

Heidi: How are you doing? Okay, here’s mine. “You’ve got a glorious future. Have you not seen all of the miracles I have given you? The inadequacies you feel are also given you of Me so that you would fully turn to Me, and so I could form you for my purposes. You are receiving my strength, and rather than sorrowing at your trials, hurts and inadequacies, I want you to rejoice because I have chosen and prepared you to do something great, and chosen you to experience your sorrows and hurts so that you may fully understand and witness of my love.” That’s it.

Bob: Thank you Heidi.

Heidi: Thanks Bob.

Bob: Someone else.

Juangiro: Hi Bob. This is Juangiro in San Diego. Here we go. “You are the only one of you in this world. You are here for a reason. You are right where you need to be. Whatever you desire and work toward will be yours without a doubt.”

Bob: Would you read that again? I love that.

Juangiro: A bit slower?

Bob: However you feel like you need to read it, but read it again. I think it was very good.

Juangiro: You are the only one of you in this world. You are here for a reason. You are right where you need to be. Whatever you desire and work toward will be yours without a doubt.

Bob: Without a doubt! All of you have given such great message. Eloquent, all of them. Very, very different and yet very similar in amazing ways. Someone else, what’s your message?

Hi Bob. This is Len in Portland.

Bob: Good morning.

Len: I condensed a lot of things down into a simple phrase: “Relax and trust in yourself. Believe that you will have doors of opportunity open to you starting today. Find your voice and sing.”

Bob: Nice. Very nice.

Len: Thank you.

Carolyn: This is Carolyn.

Bob: Yes. Carolyn. Go ahead.

Carolyn: I admire your courage in taking on such a huge challenge at this stage of your life. I believe in you and you can do this. You can be a real estate investor successfully. God will take care of you. This is a course. God will take care of you through every day through all the way. He will take care of you. God will take care of you and others.

Bob: Very nice.

Carolyn: Thank you.

Bob: I want to thank all of you for being willing to share the thoughts that you have had for all of us. It is amazing to me how the messages were very similar. There were different ways of saying them, but a similar message. Mine was very similar to the rest of you, which is really rather amazing, frankly.

“You have unique gifts and have been given the opportunity to love your own special way. You are loved and watched over. Don’t forget this.”

Sometimes whenever we doubt or worry or wonder about ourselves, sometimes it’s very helpful to imagine what other people are seeing in us that we can’t see in ourselves. Why can’t we see that? Because we are in our body looking out through our own eyes, and so we don’t see ourselves except maybe in a mirror, and when we look in the mirror sometimes we don’t like what we see for the strangest reasons!

When somebody else sees us though, as if they’re looking in the mirror, they don’t see our doubts and our worries. They don’t see us the way we see us or we think of ourselves. So from time to time, as we did today, it’s nice to step outside and notice what other people see, what other people see in us through loving eyes.

Then there’s…as in most of the instances here today, what does our Heavenly Father see in us that we can’t even imagine about ourselves? Just remember that today. You are amazing. You really are. And have a wonderful day. Make it that way. And if you’d like to share with us any of your experiences as you’re writing down those words, I’d be interested in finding you what you experienced. How was it for you? How did it happen for you as you were writing down those words for yourself? Anybody who’d like to share that, come on in and share that with us.

Clive: Hi Bob. It’s Clive.

Bob: Hi Clive.

Clive: The main thing I experienced was that the chatter, the mind chatter just dissolved and evaporated, and what was left was the core of who I am and what I’m here to do.

Bob: Hmmm. Thank you.

Virginia: Bob. This is Virginia.

Bob: Yes.

Virginia: What occurred to me when I was writing was why haven’t I written this for myself before? I could get up every day and say this.

Bob: Thank you Virginia. Somebody else, what was your experience?

Jay: Hi Bob. This is Jay.

Bob: Hi Jay.

Jay: Bob, I was thinking this exercise reminds of me of a book. Everybody knows the book “The Seven Habits” by Steven Covey, and at some point he mentions looking at things from a different paradigm. For example, when we are learning in a classroom, if we take the paradigm of being a student, it is very different from the fact that if somebody tells you that you will be teaching that material tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. Basically, if you know that you are going to teach, then you look at it from a different point of view and you learn much faster. This exercise is like looking at yourself, as we said, from the outside, from a completely different paradigm that has actually a much deeper impact in our subconscious. And this is why I think it works.

Bob: Jay, I would love for you to find me that place in “The Seven Habits” where he says that. I would like to read that again.

Jay: Actually I believe it was an audio by Steven Covey. I guess what I really liked was…the audio was titled “Seven Habits.”

Bob: It was an audio.

Jay: It was an audio but it might be in the book too. I’m going to search.

Bob: I’m sure it’s in the book if it’s in the audio—unless he was teaching a class and extemporaneously talking about it. Very good. That’s one of the reasons why that works. Thank you Jay.

Marcia: This is Marcia from Connecticut and, as I was listening to you I thought, “The thing to do is to turn off from I call the mind-monkeys…”

(Bob chuckles.)

Marcia: No really. You know, all the critical chatter inside, that’s a mixture of all the criticisms that you’ve gotten from being a child onwards. And once you get rid of that, then what you have inside you is a lot closer to what people who look at you are seeing, because you’ve lost that internal distortion. So, “Turn off the mind monkeys, let your higher power come in and guide you, know that you are a child of God and achieve everything that you can, using those achievements to do what you know is right, and enjoy it.”

Bob: I’m going to borrow that “Mind Monkeys”. That’s really good.

Marcia: Oh you can have it! (laughs)

Bob: Let me give you credit for a while at least. What’s your first name again?

Marcia: It’s Marcia?

Bob: M-a-r-c-i-a?

Marcia: Yes.

Bob: Alright. Okay. So Marcia taught me about the mind monkeys. Very good!

Marcia: Yes. Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter…Tell them to shut up!

Bob: And I liked the other words you use which is the internal distortion.

Marcia: Well, yes, because if you have all of that noise it’s like you have a radio that’s not on station so the words are not coming through clearly because of all the noise.

Bob: Very nice.

Marcia: And then switch it and think that it’s not only the words coming from the station, but you’re the broadcaster.

Bob: Thank you Marcia.

Marcia: Right. And if you make a mistake, so what? You learn from it and you keep going, and keep telling yourself that because you’re got to keep repeating it.

Bob: It’s like the advertisers. They’ve got to keep repeating things. In order for us to get it, we’ve got to keep repeating those thoughts to ourselves constantly. Thank you Marcia. Is there somebody else who wants to jump in and share with us what your experience was.

Mark: Hi Bob. It’s Mark from New Jersey.

Bob: Hi Mark.

Mark: Thank you. This is another great exercise for me. I really appreciate you bringing that to light. For me it was a very exciting type of experience and putting myself in the shoes of what I wanted to receive, and I got physically excited about it. I got emotional at points, and as I was also trying to see myself receiving the message and, in other instance, telling the message and writing it down, is something that I believe I’ll do again and again because the repetition is something that I need.

Bob: You went off on yourself. It was great. You were the first one to launch us today.

Alright. Our time has gone…and it’s amazing how quickly an hour can do. I wish you well today. My best to you on Breakfast with Bob. Thanks for being with us today. Now go and take that message which you said to yourself, and I can’t imagine a single person who wouldn’t need to hear that message. Be a message of hope to other people today, including yourself, is my hope for you and me today.