September 15, 2010 How to Discover a Source of Wealth

Good morning everyone.  This is Breakfast With Bob on the 15th of September 2010.  Oh my gosh!  Has this year gone by so quickly, and based upon the remaining quarter that we’ve started, or I guess third, we’ve got about one quarter to go.

I like to start my days off sometimes doing a simple plan.  I look ahead 90 days and then I work backwards.  So, if this is the 15th of September, 90 days into the future would be…the 15th of October would be 30 days, the 15 of November would be 60 days, and the 15th of December would be 90 days.  So to the 15th of December is a 90 day plan.  Well, we’ll in the middle of our holiday season then so we can push it all away to the end of the year.  That makes just a little over 90 days left in 2010—just a little bit more…15 days, 2 weeks beyond that mark.

Now 1-1-11 is the 1st of January 2011.  Some of us have been thinking about that date a lot.  That’s the day when we’ve got to have plans in place to make 2011 a magnificent year.

If we’re looking backwards from January 1, 2011 to now, we’ve got some work, some thinking and some planning to do, if in 2011, we want to wake up on that morning with the plans in place to generate magnificent streams of income from that time forward and throughout 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Remember, the economy’s still going to be struggling along for another couple of years—that’s more than likely the reality, and how can we tap into a stream of gushing wealth when it seems as if there’s lots of struggle going on all around us?

It’s a good question, isn’t it?  How do we tap into a stream of gushing wealth?  My wife and I went to dinner last night at a restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe.  It’s a new one.  It’s been open 6 months or so.  (We wanted to attend it because it’s very near a home that we’re building.  We’ll be in our brand new home by 1-1-11, and that’s going to be a very special day because we’ve been working on this doggone house for over 18 months now and it’s time to get it done and finish it and pay it off.  You know the way that goes!)

The food was fabulous!  The best food I’ve had in years.  A beet salad that was just delicious and a swordfish with peaches on top, believe it or not.  I talked to the chef.  He’s 24. He grew right up here in this area in Encinitas and tapped into his passion.  He went to culinary school, worked through various different restaurants as under-chef and underling of the master chef of a bunch of different institutions, and finally he got his shot.  Now he’s the master chef, the big boss.  There were people coming in and having food.  It was a Tuesday night.  This restaurant didn’t seem to be having any problems.  It was magnificent.  In fact, it was so good that I’m talking to you about it.  It was just fantastic!

How do you tap into a vein of pure gold?  How do you discover this source of gushing wealth?  Each one of us has the ability to do that all around us.  Sometimes it takes a little digging to get there, but how to get the ability to discover it is a question that those of us who are entrepreneurs face.  We are all entrepreneurs on this call.  We like to create wealth.  We like to discover ways of making money.  We like to tap into sources of unlimited wealth, don’t we?  I certainly have, in my lifetime, tapped into a few of those.  “Nothing Down” was written back when we were just coming out of some very difficult times we were having in the late 70s.  “Nothing Down” came out as we were just exiting that time and it was a gushing, absolutely gushing, source of wealth.  It still is gushing for me, frankly.

I’m still the author of the all-time best selling real estate book.  Yet at the time, I was just a kid digging in my own little mine, my own gold mine, and trying to figure out when I was trying to strike that vein of gold.  I’m using two metaphors today—one is the vein of gold and the other one is a gusher, like a gusher of oil.  Use whatever metaphor works for you.  I think all of us are just sometimes one spade worth of digging away from tapping into that vein or just one more inch away before you tap into the gusher.

Now the 90 day plan that we started our call off with today is to make sure that we making consistent efforts every single day to go that extra inch.  Every single day we have to either dig that one more spade full or go that extra inch.  It’s always doing those extra little things every single day that really give us this extra inch.  So ask yourself, what is the extra inch you’re going to do today?  Sometime we get distracted from doing that extra inch, by thinking, “Oh!  This is just not worth the effort.  But those of us who are entrepreneurs know we have to be doing it every single day.

I’m reading from a book called “Switch:  How to Change Things When Change is Hard.”  I talked to you a little bit about this a couple of months ago.  Chip Heath and Dan Heath wrote the book “Made the Stick.”  They’re both good books.  In here they quote John Wooden, one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time, who once said, “When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur.  Don’t look for the quick, big improvement.  Seek the small improvement one day at a time.  That’s the only way it happens, and when it happens, it lasts.”

“Coaches are masters on shrinking the change,”—I’m continuing to read here on page 144.  “By pushing their teams to attain a sequence of small visible goals, they build momentum.  A psychologist called Wyke, in a paper called “Small Wins” redefined the scale of social problems and said, “A small win reduces importance.  This is no big deal.  It reduces demands.  That’s all that needs to be done, and raises perceived skill levels: ‘At least I can do that.’  All three of these factors will tend to make change easier and more self-sustaining.”

The theme of our conversation today is going that extra inch.  Sometimes our Breakfast With Bob calls are about just having a way to tap into a consistent motivation, and to keep moving forward that one inch at a time.  Now for me, it’s having an idea of about where the digging is going to happen in my life over the next 90 days.  So I go forward 90 days and then I look backwards.  I ask myself, what kind of projects am I working on where I need to go that extra inch every single day?  As I’ve told you all, I’ve got 3 major big projects that I’m working on now.  Every single day that’s what I’m doing—I’m digging in every single day on those big projects.  I’m making a little bit of effort every single day, getting a little bit of focus, bringing on a team member to help here, and doing a little research online there.  But obviously the projects that I’m working on have got to generate results, and they’ve got to bring money in the door—just like yours do.

Today I’m talking not just about the projects that you’re working on, but I’m going to add a project to your list.  I’ve said to you over this last year, if you really want to tap into this gusher of wealth that all of us are seeking, working and planning towards, and that we’re digging every single day towards, there’s something that I have to talk to you about today that is in addition to the planning, the digging and the seeking that you do every day.

As an entrepreneur there is a theme (it has been constant in my mind as an entrepreneur) of always feeling the pressure of having to deliver, of having to dig that extra inch, having to be the one that’s responsible and the one that pushes yourself to do the one extra inch every day; the pressure of being the one that’s disciplined, focused and determined and passionate and giving lots of effort to it, and always being the one that finds where the buck stops, and being the one that has to make the mortgage payment and has got to bring money in the door to keep moving forward.

The thing that I need to talk about today, in addition to having this 90 day plan and all the responsibilities that we feel, is that sense of realizing that after all the work we do, and all the planning we do, all the effort, all the focusing, and all the determining we do in all the work that gets done, there is a whole system of invisible support that is gathered around each one of us.  It wants us to succeed and to open up avenues of possibility for us that we can’t see.

I’ve explained it a couple of years ago in a Breakfast With Bob call.  I said there are three areas of your life, three stages of growth and maturity.  One is what I call chaos, where life is just not working, everything is chaotic and there just seems to be nothing right going on.  In the second area of maturity, we mature from chaos to control.  We are controlling everything and we’re making sure every t is crossed and every i is dotted.  We’re controlling the whole ball of wax.  Everything is under our responsibility and we’re making it happen.  Then the third area is the area of surrender, when you get up in the day and yes, you’ve got your plans and you know you’re digging your extra inch that day, but there’s a sense of surrender where you’re thinking, “Heavenly Father, sometimes when I look at the universe, I realize the unbelievable mastery of the universe, that I’m one of your children and that there are plans you’ve got for me and the system of support you’ve got that’s all around me that’s invisible, that I can’t even see; and because I can’t see it I seem to fall back on my own ability to only see as far as I can see, and to try to make the plans that I can understand about my own money making and feeling totally responsible for it and trying to control everything.”  Yet sometimes things just happen that were beyond my awareness or even expectation.  Sometimes just having faith that things are going to turn out is more important than the plan.

I guess it’s not more important than the plan, but you’ve got to have both.  It’s an unlimited belief that this invisible support that’s all around us is working to help us accomplish things while at the same time being totally focused, working and determined.

I think what the invisible forces want, is they want somebody who is willing to work hard.  They want a worker.  They want a person who is willing to be dedicated.  They want a winner.  And then when they’ve found a winner, they say, “I’ve got a winner here.  Now we can direct them so they can stumble across the gusher we’ve been preparing for them all this time.”  They just don’t let gushers happen unless you’re prepared to make them happen, right?

I saw a quote the other day (I don’t know if I can find it now.  I might have thrown it away! It was in my planner.  I’ve got all these quotes in my planner.  Here it is.)  It was yesterday’s quote for Tuesday, September 14, in my Franklin planner and it’s a Latvian proverb and the quote goes something like this, “The ready back gets all the loads.”

In a sense, what we’re going is proving to ourselves that we are a ready back.  “Here’s my back.  I’m ready.  I’m ready to work and I’m constantly digging on my plans and going that extra inch.”  But what I’m talking about now is the miraculous, the amazing and the incredible, and the beyond your imagination kinds of things.

When I was in Shanghai and there was a bellman who was taking my stuff to the room.  His name was Jeremy, and he was a ready back.  He was a worker.  He was a winner.  I gave him my card and I said, “Here Jeremy.  These are some of the books that I’ve written.  Here’s my e-mail address and when you’ve send yours to me, I’ll get a copy of one of my books and you can read it.”  That’s what you do when you find somebody like that who is just eager and is ready to work, and is willing to look for opportunities just like us on this call.  (That’s what we are—we’re opportunity seekers, and when we find them we dig, right?)

He immediately came back with a “Thank you very much, Mr. Allen but what can I do to help you?”  I told him “I need some tickets to some of these pavilions to go to the Shanghai Expo.”  “Let me get them for you,” he said.  “I’ve got a friend of mine who can get you some tickets.”  Then he literally took off work the next day and went with me to the Shanghai Expo.  He took me, in the middle of the sweltering heat in August, to meet with his friend who has these extra special VIP tickets and went with me literally to the General Motors display in the World Expo.

It was magnificent!  There was a huge, huge, long line of people in the middle of this sweltering heat (107 degrees) and he’s got extra tickets and I had to buy them, obviously, because they were VIP tickets.  So when we went to the front gate to get in, he didn’t have a ticket, and he said, “Okay, I’ll meet you outside here.”   But I said, “No. You’re coming in.  We’ll just say to the worker, “Hi.  He’s my interpreter.  He’s my translator.  You’ve got to let him come in with me because I need translation.”  Then the worker said, “No, we don’t do that.”  Meanwhile, there was a line pressing everybody and I said, “Yes. You’ve got to let him in.  I absolutely need the translation.”  And the worker was just overwhelmed and said, “Okay!  Fine!  Let him in.”  And so he went in with me and we went through the General Motor’s display which was really fantastic.  It was amazing.  In fact, the whole World Expo was unbelievable, and now we’re forming a deeper relationship in terms of him learning from me and willing to do whatever it took.

Whenever I needed anything while I was there, he was the guy.  He was my “go to” man for whatever I needed.  And then, as soon as I got back here, I got an e-mail from him saying, “No only did I appreciate your book and here’s my address, but I went to the bookstore and I bought your book here in Chinese:  “The One Minute Millionaire.”   It’s available in Chinese) and I’m reading it and I’m just so anxious to learn.”  Now he is one of those amazing winners whom the world is just anxious to help, because I can hardly wait to help him.

A company that I’m involved in has access into China now and so who’s the first person I’m thinking of as my Chinese contact for Shanghai?  Here is this bellman working the Intercontinental Hotel who is a winner and a ready back, and I want to put loads on it.  I want to say, “Jeremy, let’s you and I partner together.  You’re my guy in Shanghai.  I don’t know anybody else in Shanghai.  All I know is that you’re a 22-year-old young, dedicated entrepreneur, an opportunity seeker and you’re just like I was when I came out of college.  I was a ready back, I was hungry, I was dedicated and I was focused. I did my extra inch every single day and I took risks, and you remind me of me when I was younger.  If there was a stock market of people, I’d be buying your IPO.”

Now ask yourself, as you are moving around your world today, are you an IPO that somebody would want to buy and to invest in?  Are you that hungry person that is always seeking for the opportunity and willing to be a ready back?   The answer is, nod your head and say, “Yes, that’s me.  That’s who I am.  That’s what I do.”

These invisible forces—you may call them whatever you wish—you can call them angels, spirits, intelligences, invisible forces—whatever you want to call them.  Do you believe in a higher power or do you believe in higher powers?  Do you believe that there are entities that are there to support you?  To tell you the honest truth, of course I believe that.  But I always forget.  I always get so focused on my own projects and my own feelings of responsibility and I’m always getting myself stuck in the world of control.  I’m basically out of the world of chaos now.  I’ve been able to organize my life enough.  Life is smoother.  I’m now creating my own little world and my own empire, whatever, but I’m so focused on my own little world of control that I have to constantly be reminded.   Maybe by reminding myself in front of you, I remind you as well that there is a world of surrender that is the greatest world.  The greatest level of maturity is being constantly in touch and in tune with the sense of magnificence that is invisible all around us and that wants us to win.  It’s looking for ready backs to bring a message of goodness to the rest of the world through the products that we market as entrepreneurs.  That’s what our message is.  That’s where our gift is.  As entrepreneurs, we bring solutions to the world.  We make the world a better place.  We profit from it. We’re profitable servants.

By doing something really good and really great we bring joy, like that 24 year old chef did, last night, to my wife and I.  We are in the last quarter of our lives and yet I’ve never had a better salad yesterday or better food than yesterday.  He brought intense joy yesterday.  We giggled about how good it was.  It was just that good.  And I think that’s what our heavenly father or a higher power wants us to do as entrepreneurs is to bring some joy to the world, the way you do it, the recipe that you create.  Make that recipe of your life so delicious and the products you provide so scrumptious that when somebody tastes of you and your gift to the world, they go, “Wow!”

What are the invisible forces that are around you preparing for you, as you make yourself a better servant to the world?  What gusher is just an inch away from you?  Another way of saying that is that you’re one chip shot away from everything you’ve ever wanted.  You’re just one inch away.  Why don’t you take a deep breath on that one?  Rather than being downtrodden or beaten up by some of the news that’s going on all around us, we should realize that there are gushers of wealth happening all around too, businesses that are busier than they’ve ever been and opportunities that are just exploding everywhere. Although there are other things that are dying—there’s no doubt about that.  But let’s just take a deep breath and think about being a ready back, being open and being a person who is just ready to be surprised by sudden wealth.

How would you stand if you knew that it was just 90 days before you tapped into the gusher of your life?  How would you behave today?  Maybe it’s 96 days away from you or 196 days away, but how would you behave today if you knew that ultimately, within months, or a few, very, very short years, that everything would change for you?  What if you knew that financially, you would tap into a gusher of financial opportunity, and in fact, all kinds of opportunities, not just financial?  How would you behave today if you were absolutely convinced that it was just a matter of time, that your inch was on track, that you were going to tap into your inch, and that your inch would actually come about?  What if you knew that there would be a time when all the forces of the universe would be directing and guiding you—that there would come a time when this explosion of opportunity would flood you?  How would you behave today when you talked to people? How would you stand?  How would it feel?  What kind of possibility would you be thinking about?  Suppose it was just an inch away and you knew it, you absolutely were convinced of it.

Yes, there would be still challenges—ups and downs, maybe complete sidetracks, health issues, and relationship problems.  But what if your inch was there and you knew eventually that you would tap into it because of all the digging you were doing?  It would make it a different day, wouldn’t it?

Now think about this feeling of responsibility, worry and frustration.  Where does all that come from anyway?  It comes from fear—the fear that you won’t be able to find the money to pay the mortgage, th fear that you’re not going to be able to tap into that source of unlimited wealth, and  the fear that you won’t be able to have the luck you need or the opportunity for it to happen to you.  That’s where all that pressure, doubt, and all that weight of worry come from.  But what if you knew that your inch was coming and that everything that happened in terms of seeming struggle was just part of the act, part of the play; that you just have to go through it because that’s just the way it works?  Then you’d say, “Well, what do I need to learn from that?  Good.  Thank you.  Appreciate it.  Okay.  Good.”  And then, Boom! The final inch!  You’d look at the day very differently, wouldn’t you?  I think you would attract people differently.  People would say, “Wow!  How come you’re so positive?”  You’d say “Because I’m a winner!” and they’d go, “Wow!  I like to hang around people who think like that!”

Yes, I’ve already won.  Touchdown has already happened.  I’ve already won the game, and that’s been a theme I’ve talked about before.

Anyway, what I’d like to just end our call with today is for you to spend an entire day as if the miracle was on its way and to surrender to that today. Just all day long.  Just one day.  Give me one day, and just act as if and surrender to the thought that you’re a ready back with enlightened intention, with the purpose to make the world a better place, and willing to do it out of giving and not out of getting.  Ask yourself, what can I give today to make this world a better place?  How can I give it with my full purpose and passion?  Know that there is a miracle on its way, and then, with that sense of surrender, at the very same time—because the other side of that same coin is the willingness to dig an extra inch every single day because you don’t know where the gusher’s going to be—you have to keep on digging.  You have to follow your plan and work at it in the world of control, but at the same time, you have to be willing to surrender the whole thing.

That’s what I needed to hear today, for myself, and so I needed to teach it to you too because, in a sense, in order to get it, you need to find somebody you can teach it to.  Find somebody in your life today that you can say to, “How would your life be different today, in the midst of all the issues that you’re dealing with,  if you realized that eventually and without question, that inevitably (how’s that word?  I love that word!) the gusher would happen in your life?  How would you deal with the world differently today if you knew that you were already a winner, a superstar and that inevitably success would happen beyond your wildest dreams?”  Find somebody to teach that to and say, “How would you think if you knew that inevitably you would tap into the gusher of your life?  How would you stand?  How would you think?  How you move?  How would you react?  How would you handle the issues of life—the challenges, problems, the discouragements, and the ups and the downs—if you knew that inevitably you could not fail, as long as you kept digging that extra inch every single day?  Find somebody and ask them that question.

If you’re going to the grocery store today, find a clerk in the store and just say, “Forgive me.  I know this is crazy.  But I’ve been given an assignment by my mentor, Bob, to ask you, how would you behave if you knew that you could not fail, that inevitably you would be an incredible winning success story?”  Ask that to somebody today.  Ask them, how would your day be different if you knew that inevitably you could not fail, as long as you continued to dig that inch every single day?  Find somebody and ask them that question.  Find a total stranger.  Do some research.  Ask it to 4 or 5 different people today.  Tell them, I’m doing some research for my new book.  It’s called “Inevitable Success” and I’d like to ask you this question.  Do some research today.  Find out how people would respond.  Some will respond well.  Good luck.  Find out what they would respond.  And by doing that, it will give you the opportunity to coach somebody, and by coaching somebody, you’ll learn how to do it yourself more quickly.

That seemed to be the message I was supposed to deliver today, and so I’m pretty much done for our Breakfast With Bob call.  I wish you well today.  Have a wonderful, wonderful day.  You’re the best!  You’re the one incher!

Any final comments you want to make or any thoughts you’d want to add to that.  Jump on line and say, “Hi Bob!”  Just come on in and say “Hi Bob.!”

Mary Elizabeth:  Hey Bob.

Bob:  Good morning.

Mary Elizabeth:  Good morning.  It’s Mary Elizabeth out in Colorado.

Bob:  Welcome.

Mary Elizabeth:  I’m one of your ‘Cash in a Flashers’ in last year’s inaugural group.  And this morning I listened to you because I’m on the verge of (I’m hoping) success after my year of work and work and work.  So I really appreciated your affirming the invisible forces that help us and I know that in my life it feels that all I have to do sometimes is ask the question and then I do know the answer, and I was forgetting that.  So your interview idea is wonderful.  I think I’ll just talk to a few people today.

Bob:  Excellent.  Thank you.  I liked the words you used “On the verge.”  Isn’t that a good word?  The verge-

Mary Elizabeth:  This morning I was thinking about the Cash in a Flash and how we step into our light and I have one foot in that light.  So I really do appreciate your help every step of the way.

Bob:  Good. On the verge. Thank you.  Come on.  If anybody else wants to say any comments, just jump in.

Mark:  Hi Bob!  It’s Mark in New Jersey.

Bob:  Good morning Mark.

Mark:  How are you?

Bob:  Excellent!

Mark:  Listen, I’m telling you that was an awesome, awesome class this morning man!  You are on fire for the invisible forces and for all that speaks to me today and just incredibly, incredibly awesome in power and wisdom and might.  I thank you so much for your gift to me today and to all of us always, but in particular today.  Thank you so much!

Bob:  Thank you very much, Mark.  You have a wonderful day because you’re a winner!

Mark:  Indeed!

Bob:  You’re on the verge!

Mark:  God bless you friend!

Bob:  It’s true! You are!  I can hear it in your voice!  I can hear it!

Mark:  Absolutely I am!  One hundred percent!

Bob:  Yes, I got it! Mary as well!  Okay, jump in somebody.  Come on in and share with us your secrets for this.  Come on in.

Mary:  Good morning, Bob.  This is Mary in the San Francisco area.

Bob:  Good morning.

Mary:  Hi there!  I really appreciate this morning that you talked about the stages—the chaos and the control, and the surrender, I think it was.  I am in a difficult period in my life right now and yet, I believe I am in control of what’s happening, that I will be able to surrender and that I only have an inch to go to my ultimate success, and so I greatly appreciate the way you phrased everything this morning and I am excited to get on with my life.

Bob:  Yes, you’re on your way.  Get on with your life—that’s a good way to say it.  You go girl!

Mary:  Thank you.

Mary Elizabeth:  Bob, this is Mary Elizabeth.  I’m still here.

Bob:  Hi.

Mary Elizabeth:  I’m sure you have read Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” and I do see a lot of what you’re saying aligning with that.  I wonder if you’ll ever able to comment on any event?

Bob:  On that book?

Mary Elizabeth:  Yes.

Bob:  Let me look at it.  I have it but I haven’t read it recently.  I had a really good experience with him once when we were flying back from Baja, a couple of years ago.  He was in the lobby of the waiting area to get on the plane, and I chatted with him briefly saying, “Hi!  How are you doing Deepak?”  and he said, “Oh, Bob!  You too.  Are we going to be flying together to San Diego?”  And we actually sat across the aisle from each other.  We got to chat all the way back on about an hour and a half to a two hour flight.

And I asked him: “What’s your regimen?  What do you do every day?  How do you write so many books?”  For me, a book, it takes me time to dig out any nuggets I’ve got.  I’ve got to go through a lot of gravel to find good nuggets and yet he just throws them off like crazy and he writes two or three books a year.  I don’t know how he does it!

And he said, “Well, I’ve got my phone right here.  This is my phone and I write my books right here on my cell phone.”  And he was literally, when we were flying without talking, writing away with his thumbs as he was flying on that plane and I said, “What about your regimen on a daily basis?”

He said, “Every day I meditate for two hours.”  I said, “Where do you find the time?”  He said “Well I just get up and I do two hours before I start, two full hours.”  I said, “Holy smokes! There are some people who would ask you, how do you find that kind of time?”  And he replied, “In order for me to get done what I have to get done, I have to invest that kind of time”  Now it seems that by investing that time in the deep parts of his life, he is able to get so much more done.  At any rate, I’ll go back to that book of his and have another look at it for one of our future calls.  Thank you.

Mary Elizabeth:  Wonderful.  Thank you.

Bob:  Have a good and a wonderful day!

Mary Elizabeth:  You too.

Clive:  Bob.  It’s Clive in New York.

Bob:  Oh my!  Clive!  How are you?

Clive:  Good thank you.  And I had a thought today that was really profound for me.  You were talking about the three stages: chaos, order and surrender, and I had very recently allowed certain things to become chaotic.  For example, I had over 20,000 e-mails in my e-mail inbox.  I kept saying, I have to get this done and I have to get this done and, finally, I created a habit where I have zero e-mails in my inbox!  I’ve created a system and I follow that system now, and what my Aha! is, is that in order for these forces to work as powerfully as possible, one must first go from chaos to order.

Bob:  Yes.

Clive:  And so every little inch that you talk about is putting the order into where there was chaos so that the forces can operate as powerfully as possible.  Thank you very much.

Bob:  You’re welcome.  The way I look at it is, sometimes people will try to go right straight from chaos to surrender, or they want to anyway.   They want to go, “Okay.  My life is a mess.  Alright, God, I turn it over to you.”

And I think there’s some wisdom in that but I think that what the forces want is, they want to know that we’re willing to put the work in to organize this, to try to do it, and then they make the miracles happen.  I’m sure there are instances where people go right straight from chaos to surrender and it works out really nicely, but I think, generally speaking, that the way we have to do it, is to bring order to our universe and then miracles take place.

Great!  We’ll talk again.  Have a wonderful day!

By the way, Clive, what Broadway play should we be going to 2 weeks from now?

Clive:  If you haven’t seen “Wicked” that would be my choice.

Bob:  I’ve seen “Wicked,” thank you.  I might see it again, it was delicious.  It was wonderful.

Clive:  Other than that, I’m not on top of the Broadway scene in the way I’d like to be right now.

Bob:  Alright.  Alright.  Good.  You have a wonderful day.  Thank you, Clive.

Eleanor:  It’s Eleanor from Chicago.

Bob:  Hi Eleanor!  I always recognize your voice.

Eleanor:  I wanted to thank you and I wanted to tell you that, if it was alright with you, I was going to use some of your phrases about digging in today to try and help the people that I’m helping that are unemployed out there, and to motivate them to transfer that thought.

Bob:  Which is one of your specialties.

Eleanor:  Yes, and I thought it was very succinct and it is something that they have to do with their struggle.  So I’m going to, if it’s alright with you, use some of your verbiage, to continue to motivate them to go forward with their challenges.

Bob:  Not my verbiage!  It comes out!

Eleanor:  Well, I’m just telling you I’m going to be using it.

Bob:  Please do!

Eleanor:  I also wanted to say that, relative to the conversation on chaos and control, and going forward, that maybe going through that middle step of control is what gives us the strength of purpose; by going through that gestation period it really makes you stronger so that the third step will stay and last, as opposed to jumping over it.  I think it’s an important part of the growth…

Bob:  I do too!

Eleanor: …before you can surrender.  It gives that richness of what you’re going to share and work with.

Bob:  Thank you, Eleanor.  You have a wonderful day!

Donna:  Hey, Bob!  It’s Donna.

Bob:  Hi Donna.

Donna:  I have to tell you I just love the comments that everyone is sharing because what it shows is, in this single presentation you’ve done, just how many different things people have gravitated to, to support in what they’re up to.  The thing that I gravitated to, out of everything you’ve said, which was wonderful and is wonderful, is that ultimate question, how would you handle all of the discouragements, obstacles and disappointments if you knew you could not failure?  And I think, inevitably, the answer is, you would handle them!  You would handle them.  You would deal with them, and it get’s to the point that there is no possibility without action!  You have to be in action!  So why not be in action around the discouragements with the faith that you cannot fail? Because being in action is what matters.

Bob:  Hmmm!  I love it.  That gave me goose bumps.

Donna:  And I’d like to segue from, that because you asked at the beginning about a play and I heard you say to Clive that you’d seen “Wicked.”  Your presentation today really speaks to me, if you haven’t seen it, to the play “Billy Elliot.”   Have you seen that?

Bob:  No I haven’t.

Donna:  That is a very inspiring play and I think it fits very well with what you share today.  It’s about someone who overcame great obstacles and went on to be a star.

Bob:  Excellent!  I will look it up!  You’re right.  I’ve heard of that one.  I haven’t seen that one.  Is it on now?

Donna:  It is on now.

Bob:  I will go, and then we’ll talk about it.

Donna:  Very good.  You’ll really love it.

Bob:  Thank you!  I appreciate that!  You have a wonderful day!

Donna:  Thank you.  You too.

Bob:  Alright everybody…Wow!  You’re just an inch away…inevitably, inevitably.  What does inevitably mean?

Mary Elizabeth:  It’s going to happen.

Bob:  Inevitably.  Inevitably.  I’m going to go online right now just for fun and go to my little visual thesaurus.  Have you ever gone there to the visual thesaurus?  I’m opening it up right now and I’m typing “inevitable” and I’m going to look it up.  And what it does… if you ever go to, they let you (you have to sign up for it—it’s about $20 a year) try out some free ones at the very beginning.

Inevitable.  When you click on it, when you type in “inevitable,” this little visual display comes up of with the other words that are linked to the understanding of that word inevitable such as “predictable, evitable, destiny, fate, inescapable, unavoidable, necessary, etc.”  Then, if you click on one of those words, if you click on “destiny” right now, now “destiny” comes up with a whole different set of words.  Have you ever done it?  It’s fun to do.  “Destiny” goes to “fate, circumstances, fortune, lot, luck, portion.”  Then I click on “fortune” and now the whole word “fortune” comes up visually, “treasure, hoarded wealth, chance circumstance, luck, destiny, etc.”

Inevitable…You were inevitably born for good things.  You will be inevitably successful.  Just touch yourself to your heart right now and say, “Inevitably success flows to me as I go get it!” and have a wonderful day, you inevitably successful person!

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  1. Hi Robert,

    We met you in Manila, Philippines last January of this year. I was never into facebook but I start and end my day reading and pondering on your quotes. Thank you so much for sharing with us your nuggets of wisdom,it feeds the hunger of my soul and makes the spirit soar. I am working on becoming an enlightened millionaire. With you as the mentor its a reality taking shape. cheers!