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Fast cash from information marketing, in multiple forms (using USP and “enlightened” selling); Discover what gives you passionate conviction so you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes (from 7-15-09)

How can you get fast cash from information marketing? There is no doubt that you have a book in you. Your heart and mind are loaded with resources to pull from. All you have to do is make the decision you’re going to market information using your own expertise — based on your current passions and/or your solutions to problems. Question is — how do you get that book to “crack the code” and not sound like so many thousands of others on the same subject? It’s tempting to copy the successful ideas of similar books, but you must distinguish your information. Once you organize, codify and simplify your ideas, you must come up with your own USP (unique selling proposition). Your information must be unique enough and fresh enough to stand out. You must create powerful and effective strategies that teach people how to change their lives — in a new way. Once you figure this out, your intellectual property business can set you up for life. Continue reading

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