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Using your current skills and passions, make fast cash from investing in real estate, creating residual income without having to be present, selling an already established product, and selling information on how you succeeded (from 7-8-09)

The theme of our new book, Cash in a Flash, is how to get yourself organized, clear and focused enough to do the 100-yard dash to cash. Most people will take a meandering, painful 26-mile marathon to find money. But if you get your mind and your heart set right, you will become passionately convinced that no one can talk you out of the project you’ve decided to undertake. It’s part of our divine DNA to want to create things, just like our Creator does. We want to create solutions to make other people’s lives better. And problems are the stuff from which solutions are made. Once you start viewing your problems as opportunities, you’ve already got a head start in the race. And the best problem you can have is one that you can solve and “monetize” at the same time. Continue reading

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