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The power of social networking, the most important capital you must develop (from 7/29/09)

Are you using the latest online social networking techniques? According the book I’m currently reading, we’ve gone through four stages in our computer world. In the 70′s, we had the huge expensive mainframes. Only the smartest people were using them, but this began to change the world. In the 80′s, the PC came out, much smaller, portable and affordable. That power was now placed in our hands, as we were all going out to buy one. In the 90′s, all our PC’s could be connected to this thing called the Internet, which literally flooded the world with knowledge and information. We were overwhelmed with choices, and it became difficult to choose the best source. There was too much to consume, and we became more skeptical of all the overwhelming advertisements. So during the current decade, people have initiated ways to connect with each other over the Internet, in order to share useful and objective information about information. We hook up in groups with other people who have similar interests, and we trust their advice. They are not just our closest friends, family and co-workers, as our access was limited to in the past, but they are hundreds if not thousands more, of what I call your weak ties. Social networking takes all the powerful information out there and disseminates it through billions of people who join with all the people they know, trust and share interests with, through online social networking. Continue reading

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Organizing and harvesting from your projects; Adapting to “seasons”, while nurturing your very own garden; Expanding your influence by sharing your unique garden fruits (from 7/22/09)

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reviewing the content of our new book, Cash in a Flash, while following a Powerpoint which will eventually be available to those of you who buy the book. As of today, we have 35 days to go before the book is released. The newly-printed book in my hands will feel kind of like a birth. We’ve been in “labor” for two years now – Mark and I – having made this our top project. The story line and even the title went through many changes. As the sequel to the original One Minute Millionaire, Cash in a Flash has a similar division of right and left side pages, providing inspiration via fiction and nonfiction. In recent months, we’ve had to do whatever it took to get the writing just right. This book became my #1 project this year, partly because it was my “low hanging fruit”. This means that money was available for convenient picking (in the form of significant advance royalties), as long as I worked hard to finalize the book to the publisher’s (therefore your) standards. Continue reading

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Fast cash from information marketing, in multiple forms (using USP and “enlightened” selling); Discover what gives you passionate conviction so you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes (from 7-15-09)

How can you get fast cash from information marketing? There is no doubt that you have a book in you. Your heart and mind are loaded with resources to pull from. All you have to do is make the decision you’re going to market information using your own expertise — based on your current passions and/or your solutions to problems. Question is — how do you get that book to “crack the code” and not sound like so many thousands of others on the same subject? It’s tempting to copy the successful ideas of similar books, but you must distinguish your information. Once you organize, codify and simplify your ideas, you must come up with your own USP (unique selling proposition). Your information must be unique enough and fresh enough to stand out. You must create powerful and effective strategies that teach people how to change their lives — in a new way. Once you figure this out, your intellectual property business can set you up for life. Continue reading

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Using your current skills and passions, make fast cash from investing in real estate, creating residual income without having to be present, selling an already established product, and selling information on how you succeeded (from 7-8-09)

The theme of our new book, Cash in a Flash, is how to get yourself organized, clear and focused enough to do the 100-yard dash to cash. Most people will take a meandering, painful 26-mile marathon to find money. But if you get your mind and your heart set right, you will become passionately convinced that no one can talk you out of the project you’ve decided to undertake. It’s part of our divine DNA to want to create things, just like our Creator does. We want to create solutions to make other people’s lives better. And problems are the stuff from which solutions are made. Once you start viewing your problems as opportunities, you’ve already got a head start in the race. And the best problem you can have is one that you can solve and “monetize” at the same time. Continue reading

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Fast cash can be manifested from your ‘cache’ of inner resources and passions, upon deciding the why, who, what, how, where, and when; Progress supported by your Dream Team; View problems as opportunities (from 7-1-09)

Our new book Cash in a Flash is about how to create prosperity in your life, quickly. What is your fastest path to profit? How do you make money from what you love? If you’re going to be making money, don’t you want to do something that is fulfilling your destiny in life, something that you were born to do? Wouldn’t you like to be what we call a profitable servant — serving in your way, profitably, using your gifts and talents to make your life better and the world better. That’s what it means to be an Enlightened Entrepreneur — to enlighten the world while at the same time helping yourself. Continue reading

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