Changing your Owes to Wows; Using positive thoughts to fill your future bank account; Three ways to make your dreams more real than your fears (from 6-17-09)

Ponder what you want to achieve in the next 90 days.  How quickly, and effortless do you want it to be?  The book, Think and Grow Rich was written to guide you in thirteen fundamental principles of wealth-building.  They all boil down to the basic essence of our techniques in Cash in a Flash.  If Think and Grow Rich was written today, it would probably describe fewer principles, in greater depth.  These days, people need fast and fundamental answers.  We need to learn the 20% of things to do which give us the 80% results.  In Cash in a Flash, we’ve narrowed the essential elements of success down to how you manage your mind, heart and team.  Think and Grow Rich includes those key concepts, along with others which are more about fine-tuning the processes.

Furthering our discussion of our new book, Cash in a Flash, today I’ll help you change your past memories by changing your owes to wows.  How you think about your past, present and future has an enormous impact on your potential for success.  When you think about past memories, how do you remember them?  Are you attached emotionally or are you detached?  Do you experience them vividly or from a distant perspective?  Many of our memories are about past failures, and if you’re re-living those failures too intensely, you might feel like a failure today.  You drag those feelings into your Now.  In order to Wow you Now, you must choose how you re-experience many bowling-successpast memories.  So first, recall all your moments of achievement vividly with all your senses.  Then disconnect from your memories of failure, except in the sense you gained great wisdom from them.  Keep your distant perspective about the associated events of these memories, but search for their value in making you a better person.  You can re-energize past failings, turning each of them into a powerful positive memory.   Most people are not connecting to their past winnings and have not yet learned from their failings, so they drag their pain into the Now, making it weaker and less confident.  But you can turn dark clouds into bright rainbows by re-energizing certain bad memories with positivity.

You can also change and intensify how you think of your future, using all your senses to vividly imagine your success.  So if you had these two empowering book ends on either side of your Now, they would infuse your Now with Wow!  You’d have a stronger sense of ‘winningness’.  You would more easily believe and act as a winner today.  And you would step more confidently into the future.  Your Now is deeply affected by how you think about the past and future.thinking-success-and-failure

Ka-ching thinking: Filling your bank account to the brim.  What if there was a direct connection from your thinking to your bank account.  Positive thoughts increased your balance and negative thoughts decreased it.  Many of us would go into overdraft almost immediately.  We would see the decrease happening and get angry, thus decreasing it further!  Only when you have the strange thought that positive thinking might change this, does your account suddenly start to grow.  Ka-ching!  With each positive thought you have, your account increases.  And each Ka-ching makes you automatically more positive, doesn’t it?  In reality, your thoughts really do affect your bank account – maybe not your current one, but most likely your future one.  This cannot be verified, but I believe it is a very real possibility.

Your imagination may be heavily influenced by FEARS, an acronym I represent with fear of Failure, Embarrassment, Abandonment, Rejection, and Success.  If you have these negative thoughts today, you’re sending signals into the future which deduct from your future wealth.  The people around you sense it immediately, realizing you’re not ready for their help.  So the fate of your future wealth vault has begun.  People are not attracted to you, and they give you the future you seem to want.  So although you may have had some deposits there from previous positive thoughts, you arrive into the future finding that you have since looted your own vault.  From your negative thinking, you squandered away what was left   However, you still have the choice about how to respond.  You can say, “I can do better than this”, and immediately your future vault will start to replenish.

lit-vaultIf you constantly have positive thoughts today, even about your challenges, the fate of your future vault is much more promising.  You send signals into the future which will fill up your future vault.  You arrive there to find it filled with all kinds of wealth such as money, health, happiness, freedom, and friends.  How you think today will immediately start the course of your future wealth.  You want to attract the resources such as money, people, skills, talents, spiritual blessings, friends, and time.  If you can remain positive and determined, and laugh easily at yourself, even when things are disintegrating around you, you’ll be a magnet today for the future life you want.  A miracle happens as the forces of the universe align with your positive focus.

You goal is to manage your imagination by remembering your past and future winnings with vivid intensity.  And you can savor positive wisdom from any negative event or crisis.  Fear is an expensive emotion.  It can literally rob your future.  Instead of complaining, ask what you can learn.  No matter what happens, you can find the winner within you to overcome it.  That’s who you are.  You get to control your life by the way in which you think.  It is the rudder that steers you toward what you want.  And when things are going well in your life, don’t sabotage them with worry.  You can also have fast money in slow times depending on how you react to the news.  You can create prosperity directly from the needs of this current economy.

Envisioning your future: Three ways to make your dreams more real than your fears.  You’ve got to make your past experiences more positively real to you than the way they actually happened.  You must use all five senses to experience at the deepest level the times when you’ve won, the times when you will win, and the times you’re winning right now.  So to intensify your dreams:

1) Virtualize it.  Experience them in all five senses to make them more real.
2) Megasize it.  Imagine your dreams beyond what you think is possible or realistic.  Since the news is so out of proportion to the truth with its negative focus, make your dreams out of proportion to counteract this overindulgence.  How can all the negative stories out there really outshine the magnificence of life? Wondrous miracles are abundant, so explore a dream of incredible abundance.  If you focus on any negative conservatism, you’ll just end up with less.  Skeptics are not successful.  Think outrageously big.
3)Habitualize it.  Step into your vision several times a day, and imagine how good it will be.  Habitually review your dream and it will become a reality.

Two assignments for the week:  First, write a newsletter article about your future success.  Forget about being realistic.  Use your imagination to its wildest extreme.  Describe your success as if it has already happened.  Second, create a more powerful Now by creating a radiant-spotsecret “spot” at your feet.  Imagine that you have brought the images of winning from your past and future into this spot in order to overwhelm you with the radiance of your own success.  You can step into this spot whenever you might need a boost, to really wow your now.  You can breathe in that radiance, as you absorb it with all your senses.  What does your own imaginary spot look and feel like?  As you step out of it, you will exude more positive energy and others will notice.  No matter what happens, you can handle it.

Do you believe in fundamental abundance?  The only shortage is awareness, as Mark Victor Hansen says.  Every day you play the prosperity game, so get clear about what you want in order to attract the abundance.  Access your Inner Winner, your flame of truth.  On either side of that flame are bullies (Fear and Greed) trying to blow it out.  Don’t let them.  And don’t listen to the bombardment of negativity coming from other people’s inner bullies.  Listen only to your own powerful dreams, and the whispering messages of encouragement.  Resources will magically come to your aid.


2 Responses to Changing your Owes to Wows; Using positive thoughts to fill your future bank account; Three ways to make your dreams more real than your fears (from 6-17-09)

  1. Dear Robert,
    I just completed reading “The Road to Wealth” and the page “Dear Reader” and found your website.

    This now into wow was just what I needed. I am on my way to great success and writing my first newsletter article.

    Thank you for the inspiration and making this available to all.


    Lorette Starr

  2. Rose Bolton says:

    Dear Mr. Allen, I truly felt this lesson within this article. I have been fighting this demoned for years. I really didn’t understand until I read your words. I will work towards a goal of releasing my past, learn the lessons that were taught. Celebrate those times that I had success. I will try with all that is in me to refocus and move towards my biggest goal. Freedom! My freedom is being off of welfare after thirty years. Freedom no knowing where the next meal is coming from. Freedom to give myself permission to give, love, to whom I wish. Freedom to be me! Thanks again for the words of wisdom.

    From Canada