Voices, Visions, Vibrations: Managing your process for thinking, and other valuable focusing exercises to expedite your path to fast cash (from 6-10-09)

Today we’ll discuss another key ingredient in the recipe for cash in a flash, whether you are dealing with your own personal slow times, or those of the economy itself. There are many businesses which will actually have their most profitable year ever, partly because they are solving specific problems inherent to this difficult economy right now.  Right now problems are everywhere, so it’s prime ‘gold rush’ time for the entrepreneur.   It’s important to shift or refocus your entrepreneurial efforts so that the tide is in your favor.missing-puzzle-piece  To maintain your composure and enthusiasm through your challenges, you must first manage the process for how you think.  This will have an enormous impact on how you convert inner wealth (dreams and talents) to outer cash.  And how you manage the language of your mind involves one or all of your voices, visions and vibrations.  You must maintain a single-minded focus and determination.  You must stay on track and not get distracted by the world, and most importantly, by your own mental deviations.  If you have single-minded focus, you become a magnet, not only for the people, but the resources you’ll need to help you stay on course to your destination.   Think and Grow Rich tells you what to “auto-suggest” to yourself, but really doesn’t tell you how.      Everyone thinks using a different process, and we never take much time to think or become aware of that thinking.  But when you do…. 

How intense are the voices you hear within?  What is that self-dialogue, such as that muttering under your breath?  Who is that voice?  Do you use “I”, “you”, or “we” language?  ‘Dialogue’ might suggest there are two of you, right?  How do you hear it?  And is it loud or soft-spoken?  On a scale of 1-10, what level of volume might you give it?  Try changing this volume, and say something like “I/you/we can do it”.  Notice the impact on you, as you try it different ways. As you become more aware of this voice, you can learn to make adjustments and redirect how you hear it.  You can clear the way for valuable intuition to be heard. 

radiant-mental-gearsDo you see your thoughts primarily as visions?  Do you see detailed pictures and images in vivid color?  If I asked you to imagine a lemon, what level of detail would you see on a scale of 1-10?  This detail will vary for all of us.  It may be minimal for you, not vivid.  That’s okay because there is no wrong method to reach your thoughts.  Or you may see all your thoughts through visual imagery, and you can intensify the right images to serve your single-minded purpose.

Maybe you feel your thoughts through what I call vibrations.  Are your feelings highly responsive to your thoughts?  Are your emotions easily intensified?  When you think about things, what level on a scale of 1-10 would you give your feelings?  If they are high, then managing these vibrations can influence the power of the thoughts you have.  You can learn to magnify the positive thoughts, and mute the negative ones, simply by controlling the level of feelings you associate them with.

Each of you has a dominant process for thinking.  Which number above was highest for you?  I think predominantly through my feelings or vibrations.  I have a strong ’sense’ for things I think about.  I had encountered Neuro-linguistic Programming from Tony Robbins years ago, discovering what he called auditory, visual, and kinesthetic inputs.  I call these methods of thinking – voices, visions and vibrations.  Successful people have learned to manage their specific process.  They know how to keep themselves on track, and will be more determined and deliberate than others.  Become more aware of your thoughts and how you process them.  What if your Higher Power has been trying to get through to you with nudges, promptings or spiritual surges, but you have not been listening?karate-pose

As in the movie, ”Karate Kid”, where the kid was given many seeming irrelevant assignments (waxing one way, then another), I will give you your own “wax on – wax off” assignments for this week.  Noticing and managing how you think will ’get you in shape’ for staying on task to your goals (for being great at Karate).  So we start your dash to cash with this essential ability.  Turn off the radio or TV and spend some silent time to ponder, while considering the following assignments.

First, take the time to be more sensitive and aware of how you think, and what process you mostly use: voices, visions, or vibrations.  Second, notice the questions you’re asking yourself.  Are they empowering or un-empowering?  Your mind responds quickly like Google, and gives you a magnified, even elaborate answer – negative or positive — depending on the nature of the question.  What ever you think actually gets imprinted unconsciously on everyone around you.  So if you find yourself spiraling from negative questions ( i.e., “What’s the matter with you?”), then STOP and rephrase your questions to be more empowering (i.e., “How can I use my God-given talents to solve this problem better?”).  Your mind will magnify answers in your new, positive direction.  Your mind should be a more powerful questioner of your inner resources.  Third, switch the energy of the words you speak, as they are a reflection of how you think.  Every word spoken has high energy or low energy.  ‘Sad’ versus ‘happy’.  ‘Hard’ versus ‘easy’.  Listen to the kinds of words you use, and switch them to a high-energy replacement where needed.  Do the same as you hear the words used by others.  So that you don’t feel dragged down by their low-energy words, replace them in your mind with high-energy equivalents.  ‘Horrible’ versus ‘not fun’. ‘Hate’ versus ‘don’t love’.  If you think in high-energy words,  you will speak high-energy words, and will therefore follow more high-energy paths.  Fourth, consider all the people and things in your life and whether they should be labeled “Important – forever” or “Stuff - temporary”.  Narrow your focus to what matters most.  Fifth, say “Wow” under your breath at least 100 times this week.  No matter how negative a thing or experience might be, there’s something good about it.  And don’t overlook all the incredible things you take for granted.  There are thousands of “wows” all around you.

Develop these exercises into habits, and you’ll find yourself calm, confident, and courageous no matter what your current stress or crisis.  Control your thought processes, and you can magnify or manifest what’s most important to you, such as fast cash!