Essential ingredients in the recipe to fast cash: Harnessing your heart/mind with your Wow Now, your Inner Winner, and your Dream Team (from 6-3-09)

Although we’ve covered some of these concepts before, today I will start to review our new book, Cash in a Flash:Fast Money in Slow Times, co-written with Mark Victor Hansen. I’ve been learning and applying these concepts all my life, as I have dealt withfast-money personal economic cycles, just as you probably have. These cycles are similar to seasons, as we find ourselves picking ripe fruits one season, and pruning the barren tree the next. And our life itself is comparable to the four seasons. I find myself in my “fall” now at age 61, feeling compelled to write down the valuable fundamentals I’ve learned. Cash in a Flash is the book combining my life’s experiences into the ingredients of a kind of recipe. A recipe for financial success — in this case for doing it quickly.

recipe-for-wealthThere are millions of recipes to make a million dollars, and there will be fundamental ingredients common to all of them. But the time frame to “cook” them goes on for many years. Many of us just don’t have the patience or resources to make ingredients – such as compound interest – meaningful enough during these challenging economic times. So Cash in a Flash describes the fast-cash recipes. We’re talking the microwave, not the crock pot! We are sharing ways to make serious money in 90 days. So we’ve narrowed down the recipes to just a handful, to help you make chunks of money in just 90 days, the efforts from which might then yield residual streams of money to you indefinitely. Many people these days are in desperate need of short-term funding, and we are providing some solutions to achieve that in this book. Our goal is also to help you create a compounding financial effect from your initial hard work, so you don’t have to start from scratch every 90 days or so.

The difference between linear income and residual income is financial freedom. Financial servitude (linear) may give you what you think is security, but jobs are lost every day, especially now. Those unemployed folks are searching for another wage-slave situation to continue on their so-called “secure” and linear path. They’ll get paid less than what they’re worth, but hey, it’s a formula to a certain kind of financial success that millions of people settle for.

Many of you are entrepreneurs for a number of reasons, such as the impatience to wait for the slow yields of a salary. Or you just don’t have the resources of Warren Buffet to wait around for passive investment returns. You want – and need – money faster. An entrepreneur creates products, services or information to solve problems. You’ll either market one of those you created, or you’ll market the widget created by another (as partner, affiliate, distributor, associate, franchise, etc). Either way, you are willing and able to sell and market, and this is fundamental to the success of any entrepreneur. Your mind set as an entrepreneur is different from that of a passive investor, who is much more removed from his/her investments. You are persistent, dedicated and passionate about what you market. You are looking for ways to generate funds that continue to flow, so eventually you can hire others to manage this continued flow and the businesses you’ve created, right? Then you probably already possess three ingredients essential to your success in earning fast cash.

The first fundamental ingredient is a mental state I call your Wow Now. This is an inspiring experience of the present supported by vivid visions of your past and future. It is a mind set of intense clarity about what you want to create in your future lifestyle. Utilizing all five senses, you have a vivid vision of future moments representing your ideal success. This mind set also involves past memories of moments when you were magnificent. Again, using all five senses, you can recall those moments as if you are reliving them now. You were remarkable. You were a winner. The feelings of pride overwhelm you and fears are abated in the NOW. You must hold these vivid visions clearly in your mind every day, though. The world is full of negativity trying to knock you off course. And your own fears easily resurface, while taunting you about past failures.

Who you are today is a result of your past accomplishments and failures. Disconnect emotionally from those past moments of failure, since those memories can be so painful that they affect you deeply today. I’ve got plenty of such memories myself, but I’ve put them into a detached perspective. I look at them with what I call a God’s eye view, observing from a distance at poor Bob on his knees in prayer, when he had gone bankrupt, for example. But this moment of tearful prayer I do want to experience with all my senses, for the uplifting spiritual experience I had at the time was profound. So when I think about my bankruptcy, I remember vividly that transcendence from prayer, not the pain of my stupidity. I recall the feeling of intense love and warmth from my Heavenly Father, who understood I was going to be stronger and better from this lesson.  So don’t feel your past failures. Reconnect only to the wisdom that resulted. Fears can entice you to vividly imagine the worst possible outcome. You must imagine your dreams more vividly than you naturally imagine your fears. When you add the ingredient of fear to your recipe, it ruins the recipe! You must create visions from your past and future that will wow your now. You’ll become a magnet for your own success if you hold on to your clear vision.

The second fundamental ingredient is to make friends with your Inner Winner. This is your true voice, the part of you that knows you’ve already won. Beneath the doubter, the whiner, the critical voice, lies this eternal spirit, your Inner Winner. You may believe, as most people do, that you began with the union of sperm and egg, but I believe you existed even before that. The true essence of you is a knowing spirit which is encouraging, intuitive and supportive. If you tap into its vast reservoir of your current and past success experiences, you’ll be in tune to the winner you really are. As your mentor, I speak only to this eternal spirit I believe you have within you, as I know this Inner Winner will guide you on the path of positive self belief and accomplishment. Have faith in that true part of you, which your critical voice often suppresses. Trust the intuitive feelings you sometimes have about your greatness. Embrace them and your confidence will rise. You are uniquely incredible, having already earned your right to be here in this lifetime. Listen to your true voice, your Inner Winner, always, and you will find yourself being that winner today. You will find a stronger sense of peace when presented with challenges, as do I.

The third fundamental ingredient for the recipe to fast cash is your Dream Team. You must associate with other winners. You must assemble a group of like-minded people to support and encourage you on your road to success. You don’t have to be financial partners, but meet regularly to share ideas and support. The meetings can be difficult to plan, but they are essential to keep you motivated, informed, and feeling valuable. The members of your Dream Team must agree to brainstorm all the positive outcomes first. Then later you can bring in some realism to anticipate contingencies. The team must remain optimistic, and no one person should be allowed to poison the group with excessive negative “ya-buts”.

So these three fundamental recipe ingredients to fast cash boil down to how you harness you heart and mind, and the hearts and minds of your team. Your Wow Now is how you manage the thought processes of your mind. Your Inner Winner is how you manage your heart-based feelings. And your Dream Team is how you harness the minds and hearts of people helping and supporting you in your projects. As an entrepreneur, you are single-minded, or whole-heartedly committed to an objective. You are passionately involved, clear, congruent, and convinced that you will do whatever it takes.

You’ve heard of the Pareto principle? That 20% of the things you do should give you 80% of your results? These ingredients of Wow Now, Inner Winner, and Dream Team are the 20%. Throw at least those in the microwave, and you’ll be less likely to go wrong! In our book, Cash in a Flash, 80% is written about the essential 20% of the recipe ingredients, and how to get them right. This is very different from the details and left-brain-style techniques of my book, Multiple Streams of Income, which covered various ways to earn streams of money. Cash in a Flash helps you get your mind convinced and your heart impassioned, so you can do anything with the right team! The other ingredients in the recipe (such as techniques) can be more easily attracted or manifested, once you get you right.

money-runningImagine yourself in the starting blocks of a 100-yard dash. Most people will remain paralyzed when the gun goes off. They keep trying to get ready, and to manage their fears. They know what to do, but they just don’t know how to get themselves to DO IT! So they reluctantly embark on a painful long marathon, ridden with detours. But if your heart and mind are clear, you spring forward immediately in a straight line to win this 100-yard dash to cash. You’ve been a winner before, you are a winner now; and you will win again. If you really embraced this belief like I do, how would you behave in anticipation? How would you feel right now about your challenges?


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