March 18, 2009 – Full transcription of call

Good morning everyone. It’s the 18th of March, 2009. This is our Breakfast with Bob. The call is going to be a little bit shorter today. I’m calling you from Columbia, South Carolina. And I think this is the first time I’ve ever been in Columbia. I think probably the first time I’ve ever been in South Carolina.

It’s a momentous time for me. My wife is performing in a choir. I mentioned this to you last time we were on the call. I’ve had several people make reservations to be part of some of our performances over the next couple days.

Last night we were here in Columbia, South Carolina and Gladys Knight is the choir leader of this group called the “Saints Unified Voices,” so they did two performances last night and tonight we’re going to be going to Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve never been to there either.

We’re going to be driving there in just a few minutes. There are two performances tonight. And then tomorrow night, we’re going to be in Savannah, Georgia for two performances. And then a day of travel and then two performances in Birmingham, Alabama. Two performances on Saturday and then two performances on Sunday.

So in eight days….we’re performing, I won’t be dong the performing, but I’m being part of the ushering guide and things like that. And just helping my wife and supporting her and her dream. It’s a dream of her life, you know, really.

Gladys Knight is obviously one of the classic performers of all time. And she’s formed this choir with about a hundred people in it. And she’s just unbelievable, amazing. So it’s kind of fun to watch from the sidelines as my wife is having this wonderful experience.

Today’s call… I want to thank Jillian Adams for sending the subject matter of today’s call. She sent me a poem a couple days ago. And she says to put it at the head and foot of your bed for incredible aspiration. You’ve heard this poem many times, but if you really just ponder every single sentence of it, it’s really quite an amazing poem.

Because of what’s going on in the economy right now so let me read it for you.

“Let’s start of our day, our Multiple Streams of Income day with a little bit of inspiration. Today, you’re got a whole day today to do some deals, don’t you? You’ve got whole day today to move things forward just a little bit. You have a whole day to day to communicate with your partners.”

People that are going to help you pull together the deals that you want to do.

·        How are you going to be doing it?

·        Are you going to be doing it on the stock market?

·        Are you going to be doing it on the Internet?

·        Are you going to be doing it in real estate?

·        Are you going to be launching your own little business?

·        Are you doing some network marketing?

·        You’ve got multiple streams of income going, you’ve got to move everything forward today a little bit, right?

So you look at every project you have going. You’ve got multiple projects, that’s the way most of us are. You have multiple things, multiple balls that we’re juggling in the air constantly. He said to make sure you move everyone of those balls forward just a little bit today. And then make sure that you, like I explained to you in the last couple of months.

I’ve got six balls that I’m juggling, six major projects I’m working on right now. And sometimes it’s a little bit overwhelming, you know, to keep all of them juggling in the air and make sure none of those balls drop. As I said, I think it was the beginning of January, when we talked about having low hanging fruit and mid-hanging fruit and high-hanging fruit on the tree of your money tree.

And this is the year for low hanging fruit. This the year you create the cash you need to create. You get the stuff that’s the closest to you, that’s the easiest to get, the least risky to get.

Obviously for me, it’s books that I’m writing.  Then I’ve got my first three majors in my life. A book on network marketing that I’m writing and researching. That probably won’t come out until the first of January. It looks like we’ve edited our plans on that one.

The book with Mark Victor Hansen comes out on September 8th. It’s called, “Cash in a Flash – Fast Money in Slow Times.” And that’s got a few little more edits to do on it as we pass it off to the publisher to them to get it printed.

And then I’ve got some infomercials that I’m shooting. I’ve shot an infomercial last November, and I’m going to be finishing it up this next week … Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’ll be finishing up the “Rich-and-Six” infomercial so those are my top projects that I’m working on. And they’ve got to get moved forward even when I’m on this trip with my wife.

I’ve got to make a call like this with you and I’ve got to make some calls while she’s doing rehearsing  this afternoon. I’ve got to keep my balls moving forward because low-hanging fruit happening,

I’ve planted some seeds with some speaking gigs like I do in Australia. That’s No. #4. I’ve got plans to do some speaking in Singapore and in China, so I’m planting seeds internationally, for me.

So as you look at your low-hanging fruit and your mid-hanging, those projects that you’re working on, maybe sure this is the day that you move them forward a little bit. Don’t be afraid. Most people pull in their horns at a time like this. And they kind of wait till the storm blows over. That’s the time you plant your seeds, as we talked about a couple of weeks ago. Plant your seeds, keep moving things forward. And then remember this poem.

This is by Rudyard Kipling:

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.”

In other words, they might have a point. You know they’ve told you that you’re a little bit off your rocker. You know that you’ve got to trust yourself. But You also have to take in information from other people. So process it and give it a little bit of weight.

Maybe they’ve got a little bit of a point. So I’m going to pull that in and I’m going to process. I’m not going to let their negativity stop me; I just going to pull it in and process it a little bit. That’s what intuition’s about. Its gathering information from all sources: from the media, from the books that you’re reading, from the calls that you’re doing like this one.

You’re intuition it based upon all the information that you gather, and then you process it at the unconscious level. And by the time this intuitive urge kind of bubbles up and then you take advantage of it. You act on it, right? You also listen to the inspiration that’s flowing in from your Heavenly Father.

You’ve got angels around you right now that are trying to nudge you in the right direction. So from the invisible and the visible, the audible and the inaudible. You’ve got these signals going around you all the time and your purpose in life is to learn how to exercise your judgment muscle.

You’re a king and a queen. You’re leading your own country and the people around you. You’re the leader, so you bring in all kinds of input from all sources and you decide what it means, right?

“If you can wait and not be tired of waiting.
 Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies.”

In other words, somebody might be lying about you but they use underhanded methods to pull you down.” But you don’t use underhanded methods at all, ever. That’s not an enlightened thing to do. Even if you’re being taken advantage of.

“Or being hated don’t give way to hating.
 And yet don’t look too good or talk too wise.

“If you can dream and not make dreams your master.
 If you can think and not make thoughts you aim.
 If you can mean with triumph and disaster
 And treat those two imposters just the same.”

Some times when you win and you win big, you think everything is really wonderful, and cool, and fantastic, and you’re so smart. And then when you lose, you think you’re such a fool and you’re such a dumb idiot and you just, how could you have ever made just a dumb mistake. You know both of those are imposters. We’re put here on this earth to just learn to be humble.

And the failures make us humble and the successes should make us even more humble. And they should make us feel we’re so grateful to be alive and take a breath of every single magnificent blue sky day even though the blue sky’s not visible there is nothing but dark clouds. Above those dark clouds there is blue sky, there always is blue sky.

“If you can bear to hear the truths you’ve spoken,
 Twisted by knaves to make a track for fools.
 Or watch the things you have your life to, broken and stoop
 And build them up with worn out tools.

“If you can make one heap of all your winnings
 And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss
 And lose and start again at your beginnings.
 And never breathe a word about you loss.
 If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve you.
 To serve your turn long after they are gone.
 And so hold on when there is nothing in you
 Except the Will, which says to them: Hold on,

“If you can talk with crowds, if your virtue,
 Or walk with kings, or loss the common touch.
 If neither foes nor friend, or loving friends can hurt you;
 If all men count with you but not too much,
 If you can fill the unforgiving minute
 With sixty seconds forth of distance, run.
 You’re the earth and everything that’s in it,
 And which is more, you’ll be a man my son.”

And you’ll be a woman by daughter: I’m sure you’d like to add that these days. Sixty seconds of distance run today. This is a wonderful day we have planned out in front of us. Make sure you look at your projects. Look at them all.

And then take each of the projects that you’re working on. Something for 90 days. At look at what you need to accomplish with each of your projects. That’s the big picture. But look at 90 days, where are you going to be 90 days from now? Imagine what that will be like. 90 days from now, have you accomplished so many things on each of your projects you’re working on?

When, just before you’ve finished, fan out five years from now. And imagine, have you accomplished that goal? Having done it. You said you wanted to make $100,000 dollars this year. That was your goal. You look back in the year 2014. And you look back on what you did in 2009. Did you do it? Of course! How did you do it? Wrong question.

Don’t ask yourself a how question when you’re looking back from the future. You just did it. You figured it out. You mastered it. You did it. So you look back over the last five years of life in 2014 and imagine what it feels like having done.

 Imagine the live you now enjoy because of what you did. You do this with each of your projects, therefore from each different angle each project has a completion in the year 2014 or earlier. So if you’re got six major projects you’re juggling, like myself, I’ve got a New York Times No.#1 best seller.

It happened in 2009, as I look back from 2014. And it sold millions of copies and it blessed millions of lives as a time when they absolutely needed it, course it was nice for me too and Mark Victor Hansen, we’re thrilled.

We were able to launch wonderful things as a result of that. My infomercials were huge in 2009. It blessed lots of people. We had two infomercials; one is a ‘Debt Reversal” which will be launching here any moment really. And then another one  “Rich-and-Six”, which we’re just putting the finishing touches on it. Both of them were huge in 2009 for me.

And then let’s see, I did the network marketing book. That came out in 2010 actually. But it was huge too. And then I had the speaking things I did in Australia. I Launched the magnificent businesses I did in Singapore, and did in China.

That’s what I want you to do. Look back over all of your projects and just make the real. Real by making your fears less real then your dreams because you dreams are so real. You feel them, you smell them, you touch them, you taste them, and you experience them in all five senses.

That’s that this day was about. That’s to feed your plant every single day. But today you planted them again. You look at your projects; you plan it out over 90 days. You imagine it backwards from five years in the future. And as you walk in today, there will be people who will tell you, you can’t do that.

There’ll be people who will tell you can’t succeed at it. There’ll be news reports what you’re going to hear, there will be e-mails that people will be sending you. There’ll be books that will talk about this coming great depression. I was reading one the other day.

You’re take in the information that they say, just like it says, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you but make allowance for their doubting too. Take in all the information. You process is through your inspiration and your intuition. You process is through your truth systems, your truth mechanisms. You all have these truth mechanisms that you use; council, every single day.

And today is the day to test your truth mechanisms, just kind of sense your way through this world. You’ve got a day. Sun came up this morning! Yep, and this is one more gifted day you get. Move your projects forward. The low hanging values on that “Tree of Life” are the things that are most important to you.

Make sure you pick those first. Pick the spiritual values that are important to you. Pick the relationship values that are important to you. Pick the purpose values that are important to you. And that’s the goal that you have for today, to pick the right fruit and make today a fabulous day.

And that’s my message to you today on this Wednesday on Breakfast with Bob. You have a wonderful day and we’ll be talking to you in a week from today. Have a good day.

Thank you.