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What happens when your personal financial system visits the emergency room? Some remedies for debt-related distress (from 12/10/08)

What causes you to go to the hospital emergency room? Whether it’s an accident, or some part of your body is suddenly dysfunctional, your current health, maybe even your life is seriously at risk unless you visit the emergency room fast. Then, as you await a diagnosis or prognosis, you are very worried and fearful. Doctors will assess your symptoms, take your vital signs, poke, prod, ask questions about your lifestyle, take some tests, and finally decide what to do with you. How will they fix you, and what will they recommend to avoid this type of emergency in the future? Is it a disease – self-inflicted, caught by contagion, or was it genetic? Did you break something, or did something break by itself? Is one problem compounding to cause another? Continue reading

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Planning for 2009; Find solutions to current needs in this economy (which is not as bad as they say); Be fueled by faith, not fear (from 12/3/08)

Today, I’d like to get you thinking about 2009. In your life, you should always plan at least 90 days in advance. Why? Because time is money; The further out you plan, the cheaper your life gets. The cheaper your … Continue reading

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